About us

Theros are:

Hera Schulte Westenberg (Viball developer)

• pelvic therapist • midwife • menopause therapist • systemic coach • couple’s therapist • natural health professional for psychotherapy


Theo Pötter (development, implementation)

Marcin Janusz (organisation, management).

Company philosophy:

We offer only products that we thought through to the smallest detail and have tested ourselves or with many other like-minded people and are made to our explicit specifications. These things are developments of products from various therapeutic areas, which in the originally Hippocratic sense also contribute to the psychic well-being of people. Our products are developed only by us, which makes them entirely exclusive. They correspond to our common spiritual philosophy of life, which is essentially based on the laws of hermeticism. Therefore, we are convinced that we only do ourselves good with Theros, if we also help others, as this will improve karma. That’s why we first and foremost pay attention to maximizing quality, functionality and aesthetics, only then does the economic aspect come into play. We still have a lot to do... We hope to contribute to people’s happiness and self-awareness.