Guarantee statement

Guarantee statement
(The legal provisions of the Product Liability Act are not limited by the following statements)

For our products we provide the end user with a guarantee for the duration of 24 months. In the case that our product should be faulty we act according to the following regulations.

Guarantee range
1. The guarantee applies to the product, not to the packaging or the supplements for initial use. It is limited to the product and does not apply to damaged things and / or persons.
2. The guarantee is to be given according to our decision to the entire product or its parts be replaced or repaired.

Guarantee period and settlement
1. The guarantee begins with the date of delivery of the item to the customer. A precondition for granting the guarantee is that our product is used as intended according to the operating instructions. The guarantee also does not apply if the product shows mechanical damage of any kind.
2. If any defects appear within the guarantee period the guarantee claims are to be made immediately but no later than fourteen days after the occurrence of the defect. The guarantee right shall remain unaffected.

Announcement of the guarantee / shipping costs
1. A guarantee claim must be coordinated with us by e-mail or telephone (address details see imprint) and sending in the default product requires our confirmation.
2. In the case of a legitimate guarantee claim the customer receives a freeway sticker for submission and the new goods will be sent free of charge. Costs incurred by unsolicited shipping will not be reimbursed.