Medical Ben Wa balls for couples

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Viball® as an accessory during sex

*NOTE: The terms Geisha balls, Ben Wa balls, Love balls or Kegel balls all mean the same principle: A massive ball rotating in a hollow sphere causing vibration when you move. In this chapter we use the term "Ben Wa balls" .

Viball® Ben Wa balls* open up a new dimension of erotic creativity due to their special properties and because they are the only Ben Wa balls* that are completely absorbed by the body,  Discover Viball®- starting with the personal application possibilities in everyday life as well as versatile accessories for easy vaginal or / and rectal use for a completely new experience during sex.

Viball® Ben Wa balls* in the right size are even easy to use during vaginal and penile intercourse. Irritation of mucous membranes or injury to sensitive areas is ruled out during any application thanks to the mirror-smooth surface and puristic ball shape.

No other sex toy in the world combines the following features:

  • Can be used completely inside the body for a very long time and is 100% free of harmful substances
  • Stimulating vibration on contact or movement
  • No irritation of mucous membranes even with intensive contact
  • Six sizes allow nuanced adaptation to the application and individual physique

The countless (simultaneous) combination options for vaginal and rectal use, even during penetration, give free rein to your erotic creativity...

Help with problems during sexual intercourse

But Viball® Ben Wa balls* can do much more: they are an effective aid for many problems during sexual intercourse such as

  • Lost penis syndrome: (too) wide vagina, (too) small penis
  • Weak erection
  • Timely orgasm (ejaculatio praecox)
  • Female orgasm

Lost penis syndrome

The "lost penis syndrome" refers to an awkward size relationship between the vagina and penis, whereby the man / penis literally feels "lost" in the vagina. It is less important whether the penis is (too) small or the vagina (too) wide - the result is the same: Penis and vagina find too little contact, too little friction during penetration, a common cause of problems for both partners to reach orgasm. In many cases, a deep (long) vagina is more likely to be the cause, as the length of a vagina can vary greatly.

Vaginal use of Viball® Ben Wa balls*(or: Geisha balls) in the right size can help to compensate for the size problem. As it is not made of silicone but of implant steel, its polished surface is extremely smooth and the ball shape offers no friction surface whatsoever. Intensive contact is created between the vagina and penis, usually between the cervix and glans, without the Viball itself being perceived as a foreign body.

The vibrations that occur during movement create the sensation of slight contractions and further intensify the sensation.

Strengthening the ability of female orgasm

The intense contact on the G-spot and cervix during vaginal use or as an additional anal stimulant can significantly increase a woman's ability to orgasm. But not only during sex - you can also arouse or intensify your erotic experience by wearing a viball in everyday life and thus create the conditions for an easier ability to orgasm or a more intense orgasm.

Strengthening the erection

When used rectally by men during sexual intercourse, Viball® Ben Wa balls* create a kind of tapping massage on the base of the penis and prostate due to the periodic movements during penetration. This tapping massage has an intensive erection-enhancing effect. And it is completely natural - without expensive and risky medication. The intensity of this stimulation increases exponentially with the size of the ball. This effect is also present with smaller spheres, even if the impulses are less often consciously perceptible. Several spheres can be used to intensify the effect.

Stop premature ejaculation

Because the throbbing impulses from very large balls are consciously perceived, concentrating on them (e.g. counting or number exercises) can help to delay orgasm.

We recommend one of our FMS dilator sets for men who cannot accommodate the minimum size of a 36 mm Viball. This allows men to effectively and gently flex themselves or prepare themselves to receive larger balls with a more intensive effect.


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Quality, safety, guarantee

  • A certified laboratory checks the quality and composition of the implant steel of every lot
  • Each Viball® is checked several times for stability, perfect surface finish and flawless mechanical properties
  • Every Viball® comes with a two-year guarantee