Viball: Medical Ben Wa balls

Certified medical Ben Wa balls (Kegel balls) for women and men

Special features:

  • Clinically proven efficacy and application safety
  • Six sizes for optimal fitting
  • Highest vibration intensity in the world for maximum stimulation
  • Made of implant steel: 100% body-compatible and permanently hygienic
  • Completely in the body, invisible and can be used anywhere
  • Can also be used during sexual intercourse for more contact
  • Without silicone or plastic, sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Free therapeutic advice for users

All applications for women

All applications for men

How to find the right size

See below for information and technical data on the respective size.

Note: VB36 and VB36-2 are not available until 05.02.24


Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Kerstin Schnittke
Great success

Actually, I only wanted to give 4 points because we cannot yet adequately evaluate the medical effect due to the short time (2 weeks).
But, on the day of delivery we had a sex experience that we hadn't experienced in a long time (beautiful). Yes, there is no other way to put it. We are not sexually inactive, but over time, without really noticing it, it just doesn't get any better. The choice of the 40 mm ball was also spot on. If the medical effect then kicks in, it will be a "TOTAL SUCCESS". And there is still a lot to try out. In and out without a retrieval cord is absolutely no problem. So I recommend it at any time and if you don't know it, you're definitely missing out. By the way, we read and evaluated all the reviews. That was very helpful if you can extract the right information from everything. You also have to know how to use the one or two negative reviews 😀 It's a shame that you can't double the pleasure with 2 balls, 😉 right? Best wishes from your husband

How sweet! Greetings back from the Theros team! You can actually do it if you use a Viball yourself...? :-)

Sonja Hilgemann
super, super, super. After just three days I noticed differences.

After a health insurance company made me aware of love balls, I first bought them from a sex shop. These balls didn't help me at all. These medical ones are great. But because I wanted a little pleasure as well, I ordered the second largest ones straight away. These were much heavier, but I can now wear them safely. The pelvic floor is working.

Thomas Linke
Great product for men

The quality is very high, the instructions are also very good, with the breathing technique described it is no problem for me to take the 50mm ball rectally and then expel it again. Wearing the Viball is very comfortable, the positive effect came quickly, I suddenly noticed that I no longer had to get up at night and my wife noticed my increased stamina. Highly recommended product!

Was not expected

Started with the 36MM love ball and already achieved initial success. The product is very high quality and yet affordable. My well-being has improved significantly. Seven stars from me.

For me a very good therapeutic ball

By using the 40mm ball, my pain in the spine and cervical spine area has reduced significantly. The therapeutic ball has had a particularly positive effect on my incontinence problem, as I can now control and manage my urge to urinate much better. A naturopath gave me the idea of ​​getting this ball, as he successfully treated my coccyx to relieve pain. Due to the rotating ball in the 40mm ball, my pelvic floor was massaged independently, strengthening the muscles so that urination has improved significantly. I now use the ball every day and have ordered a second ball for prostate massage, hoping to have just as much success with it. I recommend this ball to everyone over a certain age, I am delighted. Peter

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