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Flexibility and massage system

The Theros FMS is a high-quality therapeutic flexibility and massage system for the vaginal and anal area, for prostate massage and for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It incorporates the world's largest assortment of its kind, with extremely fine shade, and is made from the best material with one of the smoothest surfaces ever produced. All these features equal quality without compromise.

The concept of the FMS is to achieve increased flexibility by alternately passive opening and an active closing of the circular muscles with the specially shaped massage heads, rather than simply stretching them. At the same time, the ability of the circular muscles to contract is significantly improved. Through this activity, scarred or hardened tissue becomes more supple, disconnected nerve tracts are stimulated to reconnect.
Conventional dilators with a conical shape force the muscle apart in the rigid, passive state. The only "success" of this method is that the ability of the muscle to contract is reduced. In addition, painful injuries can occur due to overstretching. If a compression effect occurs an insertion is almost impossible.

The FMS principle of activity is based on the principles of muscle training: stretching with fine but measurable and sustainable increases. Because an active, flexible muscle is anything but limp and exhausted, but is more resilient and dynamic.

- improves flexibility and massage of the vaginal introitus and the perineum (perineum) to prevent birth-related injuries 
- improves flexibility of scarred tissue or adhesions in the vaginal or anal area after birth or surgery and re-sensitivity of nerve tracts 
- treatment of hemorrhoids: effective reduction of hemorrhoids through precisely adjustable size and cooling (cryotherapy) 
- effective prostate massage due to the soft shape of the tip and matching size for each "man" 
- improves flexibility and strengthens the anal sphincter 
- Treatment of mental blockages in the anal or vaginal region (vaginismus) by gentle relaxation according to W. Reichs vegetotherapy or bio-energetics after A. Lowen 
- applications such as exploring the seemingly contradictory, but in all genders proportionate principle: woman penetrates man, man experiences penetration by woman
Available in nine sets each with six dilators of different sizes, each about 140 mm long (manufactory-related). Delivery in high quality black and red jewelry box. Including expert guidance for the different applications.

Special features: 
- Available in sizes from 30 to 56 mm for exact adaptation to the respective application or individual physique 
- Very fine gradations in 2mm increments allow a gentle, but efficient and sustainable increase in flexibility and a tightening of the tissue simultaneously 
- No "compression" effect as with conical dilators 
- Each dilator is hand-made / mouth-blown. The top-quality borosilicate glass with TÜV certificate is much smoother than plastic or industrial glass according to Euro Standard ISO 25178 and prevents the development of skin irritations even in long-term applications 
- Borosilicate glass is extremely hard, shock resistant and is also resistant to high temperatures

Application examples: 
- For flexibility, first a very small dilator is heated and inserted only until the tip has passed the sphincter. After a short while, the dilator is pushed out by contracting the muscle. This is repeated until the sphincter is soft and flexible. After that the size can easily be increased by two millimeters. Due to the very fine gradations the muscle can gently and effectively become more flexible and strengthened in a short period of time. A noticeable change already occurs after a few applications. 
- Hemorrhoids are best treated with a cooled dilator. This is achieved by filling the dilator with cotton wool or kitchen paper and placing it into water until the material is completely saturated. The dilator is cooled in the refrigerator before use. 
- Dilatators filled with cotton wool or kitchen paper can also be heated in a water bath. Before use, keep it upside down until no surplus water escapes. Thereafter, the dilators remain reliably dry in any position and keep the temperature very long.

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