Viball - the medical "love therapy ball" with a new concept:
- world's most intense vibration in any size
- sizes from 32- to 60 mm for women and men, pelvic floor and prostate
- polished implant steel without hindering bands or similar, allows optimal stimulation through
... movement in the muscles
... free play with the muscles
... Free interaction with the muscles
- registered medical device according to EU Medical Devices Act (up to 55mm).
Viball - the perfect synergy of therapy and eros. Feels good!

Viball is a novel training and stimulation tool for vaginal and rectal applications for women and men.
It unites therapeutic and practical experience and an uncompromising technical analysis into a novel concept with maximum efficiency and unsurpassable effect.

- active training and passive stimulation of the pelvic floor
- regression after birth
- strengthens the sphincter of bladder and anus
- intensive stimulation of the prostate and stimulation of potency
- strengthens the erotic sensitivity in women and men on G-spot or prostate

Viball consists of a closed hollow sphere made of stainless steel without openings or external applications. A massive stainless-steel ball is located inside, which rotates during movements and generates vibrations.
Compared to other training aids or erotic stimulation devices on the same functional basis as love balls, smartballs, geisha balls etc. Viball has the following advantages:

Viball is available in different sizes which makes it easy to determine the optimal training-weight depending on the individual methods of application and the individual physique for vaginal and/or rectal use.

Viball generates the maximum of vibration intensity in all available sizes because of the specific maximum weight in combination with the calculation of the components.

Viball complies with all requirements for a clinical use because of the exclusive use of stainless steel without coating. It has a polished surface, no openings or other applications such as cases, ribbons etc.

The concept
Viball combines the principle of active pelvic floor training with weights (as with the use of vaginal cones) with the principle of bio-feedback by vibration. So Viball combines both training principles in one device.

The various sizes allow not only the determination of the correct training weight but also an exact determination of the optimal individual size, which allows Viball to remain above the vaginal entrance without muscle tension. With the correct size, after performing active lifting exercises, you can also enjoy periods of complete relaxation without Viball sliding out - as opposed to single-size exercise aids that require a permanent "hold on" and thus involve a risk of cramping.

In the active lifting exercises the so-called slow-twitch muscle fibers (large and strong fibers) are primarily strained.
In the recovery phase of the slow-twitch muscle fibers, passive stimulation occurs through vibrations during walking, through gymnastics movements, and so on.

These vibrations can cause involuntary, slight contractions of the so-called fast-twitch muscle fibers (fine, sensitive muscle fibers), as well as stimulate the G-spot. After the recovery phase, the active lifting exercises can be repeated in any intensity until a new break, etc.

Thus, there is no risk for all involved muscle fibers to overload and a long-term use up to one hour is possible without spasm of the pelvic floor.

These applications can also be repeated several times a day. Short intensive kits, which consist exclusively of active lifting exercises, can be performed better with smaller models due to their lower weight. In addition, smaller models are better for (additional) rectal pelvic floor or sphincter training.

Available sizes: 32- and 36mm (each as a pair) as well as 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 mm.

Answers to the most frequent asked questions about Viball:
Viball was deliberately made without a string or sheath. The entire ball moves due to its smooth, round surface in collaboration with the muscles. External applications prevent this effect and severely limit the therapeutic effect. In addition, a material mix for rectal applications is (hygienically) problematic.

Bringing Viball in and out is easy with a little practice. It is anatomically impossible that Viball becomes unreachable in the rectum. Detailed information can be found in the enclosed information. For the first application a latex protective cover is enclosed to easily bring out Viball. If due to genetic disposition or for personal reasons the vaginal application in protective covers is required or desired, these can be purchased here.

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