Ben Wa balls: Effect, application and differences

Liebeskugeln: Wirkung, Funktion und Anwendung
* NOTE: The terms "Kegel balls, Geisha balls, Ben Wa balls, love balls, love egg, vibrating egg, vaginal egg, vaginal balls all mean the same, but not all are known. So in this text we use the terms "Kegel balls (or ... balls)".

This guide is based on my professional experience as a midwife and pelvic floor therapist. Here you can find out what Ben Wa balls are and why they can be useful for women, men and couples. We talk about the effect, explain how to use them and the differences between various materials and sizes. We'll also look at quality features and how to choose the right balls, as well as the benefits of genuine medical Ben Wa balls after pregnancy and if you have a weak pelvic floor.

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The topic of Ben Wa balls for pelvic floor weakness" has become very popular in recent years thanks to sex toy manufacturers who have discovered the topic of the pelvic floor as an additional market. There is an abundance of Ben Wa balls on offer in a constant stream of new designs. Products also are labeled as vaginal balls, vaginal beads or -balls, orgasm balls. Even battery powered devices, with apps or remote control at a high price falsely use these terms. The advertising promises: orgasm, pleasure, completely new feelings, etc.

Recently, sex toys have also been marketed as "vaginal trainers" or "pelvic floor balls" to combat pelvic floor weakness. Balls in particular can supposedly train the vagina and even tighten it again (especially after pregnancy).

But is that true?

In reality, there are enormous differences in the use and quality of Ben Wa balls with vibration, and the materials of very expensive products are sometimes even harmful to health. This shows a publication of a German independent consumer organisation. And even the best products are not optimal in terms of function and, above all, the intensity of the vibration. This explains the significant differences in the actual erotic effect or for strengthening the pelvic floor in women.

This guide provides you with clear facts and examples

  1. which products and sex toys fall under the term Ben Wa balls and which do not
  2. What features make the best Ben Wa balls and what you should definitely look out for when buying them
  3. Which properties are particularly important for optimal pelvic floor training with balls
  4. and which material / certification is important for your health.

So what do Ben Wa ballsdo and which are the best? And which are the best pelvic floor exercisers? We compare and give tips. Here we go:

What are Ben Wa balls and how do they work?


A Ben Wa balls in the original sense is a hollow sphere with a solid ball inside. This vibrates in the outer sphere when it is moved, creating vibrations. When inserted into the vagina or anally / rectally into the body, this vibration stimulates nerves and trains muscles in the pelvic floor, genital or anal area. Conclusion:

A genuine Ben Wa balls always generates a vibration that depends on movement. This means that the more movement, the more intensively they train the pelvic floor and continence, regardless of batteries. Balls or aids with electrically generated vibration, on the other hand, fall under the term "vibrator."

But there are enormous differences in how efficiently this movement is converted into vibration in the invisible interior of the balls: With some balls, almost nothing happens inside! So they hardly generate any pleasure. Even though Ben Wa balls are usually offered as a pair in the form of an hourglass, this does not mean that they are twice as intense. Not true - because two balls in a case never vibrate exactly synchronously, the vibrations can even have a negative effect on each other.

In comparison, two individual Ben Wa balls are more effective than a firmly connected pair. And if they are also available as large Ben Wa balls in XL or XXL and in anti-allergenic material, their effect on the pelvic floor and eroticism puts all other products or sex toys in the shade. Such big and heavy Ben Wa balls (even the biggest and most heavy Geisha balls and Ben Wa balls in the world!) you can find here:

Mistakenly also solid balls made of metal or stainless steel, some with chains and a very high weight are  sold by the terms Ben Wa balls. Also simple hollow balls without a rotating ball inside and yoni balls do not belong into the category Ben Wa balls either. As solid balls, yoni balls and vaginal cones or cones do not generate any vibration, their effect on training the pelvic floor is very limited.

Caution: Solid steel balls and larger yoni balls made of jade, rose quartz, obsidian and other types of semi-precious stone permanently draw heat from the body due to their high mass. Yoni balls can therefore be the cause of bladder weakness and incontinence and balls made of indefinable metal can cause severe allergies.

Large or small, heavy or light Ben Wa balls?

Many women prefer small Ben Wa balls because they fear that large ones could make the vagina too wide. However, this is unfounded, as a short stretch during insertion does not play a role and the vagina is wider behind the entrance muscle anyway. However, small silicone Ben Wa balls hardly vibrate and have to be held permanently in the vagina, which can (unconsciously) lead to cramps.

Other women like the feeling of a large sex toy "filling" the vagina, such as plugs or stainless steel balls with chains primarily for sexual stimulation, and large stainless steel Ben Wa balls also develop a considerably higher vibration.

Ben Wa balls made of metal, stainless steel or silicone?

Ben Wa balls made of metal or steel without an exact description of the material are often offered on Amazon or Ebay. These undefined materials can cause severe allergies and even release toxic substances into the body, even through shiny coatings that are supposed to simulate stainless steel. You should avoid these fakes at all costs! Pure stainless steel (e.g. V2A or V4A) is recommended.

But the best material you can get is medical implant steel with the designation AISI 316L . This high-quality, anti-allergenic material cannot be beaten: It is used in bone fracture surgery, for example, and can remain in the body for years because it is absolutely free of toxic substances. And it remains permanently hygienic, so it never gets dirty like silicone and is therefore 100% sustainable. Expensive, but 100% body-friendly, extremely durable and no environmental impact whatsoever. That pays!

All metal balls naturally generate considerably more vibration than silicone balls and therefore also weigh considerably more. XXL-sized Ben Wa balls made of stainless steel can have a diameter of up to 60 mm and weigh up to 300 grams. Only a woman with really strong pelvic floor muscles should wear such Ben Wa balls in everyday life. For pelvic floor training in horizontal positions, however, these Geisha balls (Ben wa balls) are ideal as a pelvic floor training aid or vaginal trainer. I have designed special exercises for this that are effective and also stimulate the G-spot and cervix in an erotically intense way.

Basing on my experiencec as midwife and certified pelvic floor therapist I have designed special exercises for pelvic floor training with medical Ben Wa balls in horizontal positions, which are therapeutically effective and also erotic, because they intensively stimulate the G-spot and the cervix.

Here you will find Viball, our genuine medical Ben Wa balls made of antiallergic implant steel in all variations: Large, small, heavy and light, individually and as a set. You can compare and get tips on which is the right ball or set for you:


Application of Ben Wa balls

They are very easy to use: when relaxed, you can insert them into the vagina with a little lubricant. The weight and vibration of the balls will give your muscles a workout during daily use. However, the effect of Ben Wa balls also depends on movement; walking or cycling, i.e. swinging movements, are ideal. You should avoid jumping or pounding. You should not wear them when relaxing or even overnight, and certainly not overnight to avoid getting used to them and because plastic Ben Wa balls can then release many more harmful substances.

Which movement for optimum effect?


Ben Wa balls work best with circular or oscillating movements of the pelvis such as dancing, walking, cycling etc. Belly dancing is ideal! You should avoid jumping, especially if you have a weak pelvic floor.


What factors determine the quality of a Ben Wa balls?

1. Optimal adjustment

Every body and every vagina is different, so there should be different sizes of balls available to enable a perfect fit without slipping out the vagina in everyday life.

2. Different weights

As with muscle training in the gym, you can also train your pelvic floor more efficiently with the right weight. This is another reason why you should have as many different sizes and weights to choose from as possible.

3. The vibrational energy

The optimum size ratio of the outer ball and inner ball determines the vibration intensity: inner balls that are too large can hardly vibrate due to a lack of space, while inner balls that are too small have too little weight for optimum vibration.

4. The optimum material

Soft material such as silicone dampens the vibrations of the inner ball. It also does not generate vibrations like metal. No other material vibrates as intensely and conducts vibrations better than steel. The stainless steel with optimum body compatibility is medical implant steel and is also completely inert (resistant to any impact from the body) and durable. Silicone, on the other hand, discolors in contact with bodily fluids and takes on an odor. With prolonged use, it becomes hygienically questionable and is therefore a disposable item - bad for the environment.

"100% medical silicone" means - nothing!

The term "medical silicone" for sex toys such as Ben Wa balls, pelvic floor trainers or love balls etc. is not legally defined. It therefore does not provide any information about limit values for toxins, adhesives or binders. Vaginal trainers and sex toys made of "medical silicone" are therefore no longer worth a euro or are just as good as those without any indication. The price alone says nothing anyway.

Even the indication of certifications is not clear information: The EU standards ISO 10993 and USP VI only describe two types of tests. However, compliance with one of these standards does not mean that sex toys are generally 100% free of harmful substances if they remain in the body for a longer period of time!

You have to replace silicone Ben Wa balls after a while anyway, because they take on an odor and become discolored, dirty and unhygienic. This causes a lot of plastic waste worldwide! The safest option is: no silicone or plastic, also because it is more sustainable.

Which Ben Wa balls for which application?

You should consider what you primarily want to "use" your Ben Wa balls for. You need to decide between the following applications:

For active pelvic floor training (Kegel exercises)

For active pelvic floor training, i.e. for pelvic floor or Kegel exercises during the postnatal course or at home, I recommend balls with a suitable weight for support. There are also vaginal cones for this, but in my experience many women can hardly hold vaginal cones, which is why they often lead to cramping. The shape of the ball is more "grippy". To increase the training effect, you need small Ben Wa balls because you need to hold them during the (Kegel) exercises with the pelvic floor muscles and the exercises become more effective due to the weight - as with weights in the gym, which you can also increase. We use the term 'short-term application' or active pelvic floor or Kegel training for this application.

For passive pelvic floor training and eroticism

"Long-term use" refers to the wearing of Ben Wa ballsin everyday life or during sport, primarily for eroticism and passive pelvic floor training. The vibrations of medical Ben Wa balls stimulate your pelvic floor muscles and your G-spot during movement.

Two things determine the optimum function of Ben Wa balls:

1. the right size

For permanent everyday wear, you need a size of a Ben Wa ball (also singular balls are available)  that offers a secure hold in every situation and does not slip out even when sneezing or pressing on the pelvic floor. This size should therefore cause a brief stretching sensation when inserted: Only this size of ball can rest above the vaginal insertion muscle without you having to constantly "pinch shut", as this leads to cramping. The commercially available three sizes are not sufficient for this. But there are also Ben Wa balls with more sizes, more on this below.

2. the intensity of the vibrations

Good Ben Wa balls generate considerably more vibration than bad ones. Intense vibration generates erotic stimulation mainly via the G-spot and cervix and causes contractions of the pelvic floor muscles via biofeedback. These particularly stimulate the so-called fast-twitch muscle fibers (weak, but very fast reacting), which are largely responsible for continence.

So goodbye incontinence? Yes, but only if the Ben Wa balls vibrate intensely enough to have an impact!

The impulses in the vagina act like a "memory function", actively activating the so-called slow-twitch muscle fibers (strong but slow-reacting) with a few strong, conscious contractions, where, when or for as long as you want. The erotic stimulation provided by love balls also causes contractions that accelerate involution and strengthen the pelvic floor.

All sex toy manufacturers make bold promises, but none of them provide clear information about the actual effectiveness of their products. We at Theros do. Our clear statement: Viball has the highest efficiency of all Ben Wa balls or similar devices worldwide. Guaranteed.

Which Ben Wa balls are the best for me?

Erotic products are allowed to promise you a lot without having to prove anything, as they are classified as commodities. "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "incredible orgasm" etc. have to suffice in place of facts. The promises have been correspondingly full-bodied since the industry discovered the booming "pelvic floor" sector and Kegel exercises with so called "Kegel balls", which were just the same as Geisha- or Ben Wa balls.  Since then, all sex toys are suddenly also considered pelvic floor trainers, some were even labeled as "medical" love balls.

Unfortunately even the description "medical"  requires no certification at all!

So what can you do?

Look for Ben Wa balls that are certified as medical devices:

Only these products are genuine medical Ben Wa balls. 

Medical products have to prove their effectiveness and safety of use by clinical examinations according to the guidelines of the medical devices law. 

Viball® Ben Wa balls have the certification as a medical device.


Viball® - Ben Wa balls and medical product

For women, men and couples

Viball® Ben Wa balls produce the most intensive vibration of all love balls in the world.They are made of high-quality, polished implant steel. There are six sizes for optimum hold and nine weights. They are the only Ben Wa balls that are worn completely (invisibly) inside the body without a strap, ribbon or a loop. Don't worry how to bring the ball out of your body - the safety of use is guaranteed in accordance with the medical devices law.


The polished surface without any plastic or silicone adds is also ideal for rectal use (for men): In addition to the effect on the pelvic floor, they also stimulate the prostate and are erection-promoting - even acutely! - through tapping impulses on the prostate during sex. They therefore have a fundamentally positive influence on the prostate and potency and therefore on overall health.

For more information, see Viball® medical Ben Wa balls for men

As they can also be worn inside the body during sex, they gently and noticeably help during intercourse when the (small) penis and (wide) vagina can no longer make contact (lost penis syndrome).

Ben Wa balls for hygienical vaginal and rectal use

Conventional Geisha- or Ben Wa balls of silicone are only intended for vaginal use, i.e. only for women, due to their shape and material. Viball® Ben Wa balls worldwide made of pure implant steel.

Their polished and smooth surface is easy to insert and stays permanently top-hygienic. So it can also be used rectally without any problems, e.g. against haemorrhoids or for men for prostate stimulation or prostate massage.

When worn in everyday life, the vibrations train mens pelvic floor and continence. They stimulate the prostate and erotically. The impulses become more intense with stronger movement or during sport. With targeted pelvic floor training, bigger Viball® Ben Wa balls with different weights can make your training considerably more effective - and lustful.

Why are Ben Wa balls useful after pregnancy?

Mainly because they help you to be aware of your pelvic floor when you are carrying your baby in everyday life and you can reinforce the occasional impulses with a few contractions. They help you to remember important pelvic floor training or Kegel exercises for postnatal recovery by They also train the pelvic floor muscles passively without you feeling it and are effective against incontinence. And they make you feel lust,  which is also good for postnatal training! This "pleasure" in the process is also good for your psychic and mental health.

Viball® - genuine medical Ben Wa balls for women and men:

All sizes of Viball Kegel balls for women and men

The most important questions & answers

What are Ben Wa balls?

Genuine Ben Wa balls consist of a hollow sphere inside which a solid ball rolls when you move. This creates vibrations during movement, which generate pleasure and/or train the pelvic floor muscles.

What are the differences in effect?

The most intense vibration is created when the inner ball is the optimum size in relation to the outer ball: Inner balls that are too small have too little weight, and those that are too large have too little space to generate an optimal vibration.

What can suitable Ben Wa balls do for the pelvic floor muscles?

The vibration of suitable products (certified as medical devices) activates the muscle tone, creating contractions that strengthen the muscles of the entire pelvic floor.

Which size is the right one?

Every woman and her vagina is different. That's why Viball Ben Wa balls are available in six sizes. Also for different applications: In everyday life, during pelvic floor training, even during sex you can wear a Viball as a "contact mediator".

Which material is the best?

Although silicone is widely used for sex toys, it is never completely free of harmful substances, can only be used for a limited time and is harmful to the environment. Implant steel meets the highest requirements: anti-allergenic, smooth and hygienic, durable and it generates maximum vibration.

How long can I wear Ben Wa balls?

As long as you like, if the shape and material are suitable for a long term use. The absolutely round shape of a sphere without ribbons, loops or other outer accessories can not cause any hurts. And only implant steel is safe all inside the body because it doesn't release any harmful substances at all.

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