Pelvic floor training for men

Beckenbodentraining beim Mann

Erectile dysfunction, potency problems or incontinence are problems that can affect any man. You can endure this condition or do something about it. The good news is that pelvic floor training for men can easily and, above all, successfully regulate many problems. We explain how.


Pelvic floor training for men - new for many

Pelvic floor training for men is still uncharted territory for many: "I don't need that." is the general tenor. But pelvic floor training is not just for women. Men who suffer from incontinence, have had prostate surgery or have potency problems, for example, also benefit from a strong pelvic floor. Why? Pelvic floor training for men strengthens the postural muscles, promotes blood circulation and therefore also potency.

The pelvic floor - what is it?

For the most part, pelvic floor training for men leads a miserable existence. This is because many men don't even know that they have a pelvic floor. If they do, the question arises: where is it and what is it good for? You can't feel or see it. Only when it is no longer intact do the consequences come to light. But you can tense, relax and move the pelvic floor at will. And above all, this muscle area, just like other muscles, can be specifically trained and strengthened.

What exactly does the pelvic floor do?

The pelvic floor is a complex network of several muscles, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons. It forms the lower boundary of the pelvic cavity and is, so to speak, the support network for internal organs. Above all, it supports these organs when running, jumping, lifting, coughing or sneezing. In men, the pelvic floor has two openings, one for the rectum and one for the urethra. The muscles of the pelvic floor ensure that the openings can be closed properly.

Power center of the body

The pelvic floor could also be described as the body's powerhouse, as it is crucial for the entire body's musculature and posture. It also has a fundamental influence on male sexual activity. One of the muscles runs directly along the pelvic floor, parallel to the erectile tissue of the penis shaft, and ensures that the blood flowing back into the penis is restricted. Its activity is crucial for an erection.

Reasons for pelvic floor weakness in men

The pelvic floor can also become slack in men. Reasons for this include

  • heavy physical labor,
  • a lot of sedentary work,
  • Constipation,
  • Sports such as weightlifting or cycling,
  • eine schlechte Körperhaltung, 
  • Übergewicht oder auch 
  • Operations.

Signs of a weak pelvic floor

Both men and women can suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles. The symptoms are:

  • Pain or feeling of pressure in the pelvic area,
  • Problems urinating,
  • Incontinence, both urine and stool, for example when sneezing, coughing or exercising and
  • Potency problems.

Weak pelvic floor - weak erection

Emotional reasons, stress or overwork can have a decisive influence on erectile function. However, weak pelvic floor muscles also have a significant impact on potency. The weaker the muscles, the less well the penis can swell permanently. The reason: when tensed, the muscles of the pelvic floor hold the blood in the erectile tissue. If the muscles slacken, the blood flows out of the erectile tissue. Well-founded pelvic floor training for men helps to promote erectile function.

The male pelvic floor and incontinence

With age, the muscles of the body slacken, just like the skin. Older men in particular then suffer from so-called stress incontinence. The weakened muscles can no longer fully control the sphincter muscles under stress, which can lead to uncontrollable urine, stool and diaper leakage. A benign enlarged prostate, which can start to grow from the age of 35, or bowel or prostate surgery are also factors that often affect the pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor training for men - why?

First of all, any problems that arise should be clarified by a doctor. Once the diagnosis has been clarified, you can get to grips with many of the problems caused by a weak pelvic floor yourself. Pelvic floor training for men strengthens the muscles and reduces the risk of incontinence. The training brings movement and oxygen to the center of the body and also improves blood circulation in the lumbar region. However, it is best to become active as a preventative measure.

Pelvic floor exercises for men

The focus is on the movement of the pelvic floor muscles. More precisely, it involves a constant alternation between tensing and relaxing the muscles. Correct breathing also plays an important role. The best results are achieved with daily training. Whether in a comfortable lying position, sitting or standing is not relevant. Five to ten minutes per session is ideal. It is best to start pelvic floor training under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

Mann macht Übungen für Beckenbodentraining

Pelvic floor training with love balls for men

Simple and effective pelvic floor training for men can also be done with love balls. Yes, you heard right. Love balls help and can also be used by men. Used anally/rectally, they stimulate the prostate, strengthen the erection and train the pelvic floor muscles by tensing and relaxing with little effort. However, there are a few things to bear in mind.

How do love balls work as pelvic floor training for men?

Love balls are hollow balls with a solid ball inside. Movement causes the inner ball to vibrate, creating a vibration. Men use the love balls rectally or anally. These vibrations stimulate the surrounding nerves and train muscles in the genital and anal area, as well as intensively stimulating the prostate.

Which love balls are suitable for men?

First of all, it is important to choose the right love ball. The range is huge, but not all of them are suitable for men. The material is already a decisive factor. Silicone, for example, takes on an odor and discolors - which is extremely unhygienic, especially when used in the anus. Silicone is also toxic if used in the body for long periods of time. The soft silicone dampens the vibrations of the love balls, but this is what makes the actual training effect. Elongated shapes are problematic during exercise or sport and retraction straps keep the balls rigid.

Medizinische Liebeskugeln für Beckenbodentraining beim Mann

Viball - Love balls and certified medical products

Love balls made of implant steel without straps are recommended for pelvic floor training for men because their hygiene and smooth surface make them particularly suitable for rectal or anal use, such as Viball®. These balls are particularly vibration-intensive and are even certified as a medical device. Different sizes ensure individual and flexible use. The ratio between the inner and outer ball should also be optimal.

Areas of application for Viball love balls:

  • Pelvic floor problems (back pain),
  • Weak potency,
  • Prostate problems
  • Erection problems
  • Incontinence and
  • Hemorrhoids.

Liebeskugeln für den Mann zum Beckenbodentraining

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