Frequently asked questions about FMS dilators

Depending on the illness or problem, sometimes it is sufficient to use a dilator of a certain size, for example for hemorrhoids. But even then, a selection of around three is recommended, depending on your (daily) personal condition and the severity of the symptoms. Because a dilator that is too small has too little effect, and one that is too large cannot be inserted at all.

However, all problems in which the body needs to be gradually (re)opened, cramps relieved and trauma treated absolutely require a larger set of at least four. This applies to vaginismus, lichen sclerosus, scar treatment, genital surgery, the effects of radiation, anal cramps, anal fissures, menopausal symptoms, sex after a long period of abstinence, etc. in order to be able to achieve a gradual increase. Under no circumstances should the insertion or the slow back and forth movement - which is the actual effect in some applications - cause pain with the smallest size (initial size of the treatment).

Although FMS dilators all have an elliptical head and a straight shaft, if you look closely, all shapes are slightly different: these different silhouettes result from the difference between the head and shaft diameters (see detailed information on the respective size). The selectable size of a dilator naturally refers to the maximum diameter at the elliptical head. The respective silhouette is determined by the respective size and cannot be selected per size.

Each silhouette has a slightly different effect: The smaller the difference between the head and the shaft, the greater the overall stretching effect, because the relatively thick shaft takes up more volume in the body than a slimmer one. The greater the difference between the head and the shaft, the more intense the massage effect when moving the dilator, because the tissue "pulsates" more strongly due to the greater difference. There is no "optimal" silhouette, each has its own stimulation. Within sets, these different silhouettes therefore provide additional variability in stimulation. In the details of the dilators from 14 to 19 mm, all seven silhouettes can be found one after the other: It is easy to see how the head grows, but the shaft remains the same. There are these differences in the silhouettes in other sizes too, but all in a therapeutically useful range of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 mm difference, which in turn is in a balanced relationship to the diameter: the larger the diameter, the greater the differences can be.

Every person is different and all complaints have different forms and degrees of severity. Therefore, our products allow for a highly individual selection . The prerequisite for determining the right size of a set is to examine your own body.

In order to determine the right size, you can use not only conventional erotic items but also different sizes of tampons, pens, sticks or candles. They can be carefully tried out safely in a condom. Don't be shy! At first this process may seem a little strange and unusual. But this initiative to "get to know each other" is the first step towards healing.

The smallest increments of 1 to 2 millimeters (D14 to D20 in 1 mm increments, D20 to D60 in 2 mm increments) are primarily intended for the initial treatment of sensitive or acute trauma and wound treatment such as injuries after operations, birth injuries, radiation consequences, inflamed hemorrhoids, etc., where a particularly careful approach is required.

In general, however, this also allows for a gentler and faster approach, possibly even an increase of several sizes in direct succession in a single application.

With 2 to 4 millimeter increments, longer application times of the individual sizes are necessary before increasing. Larger increments within a set are not recommended.

That's not a problem. After receiving the dilators you ordered, you should first unpack the largest dilator in the set and try it on carefully - it will most likely be much too big. If you now try the next smaller size and so on until you can insert one size easily, you have found your ideal starting size. Bear in mind that for some applications (e.g. vaginismus / lichen sclerosus / scar treatment etc.) the size should be small enough that you can not only insert it, but also move it back and forth comfortably, i.e. massage it. You don't need the smaller dilators - they can be exchanged. You can send them back because the seal is still intact when you do this.

Let's assume you bought 4 dilators (no matter whether it was a standard size or four sizes of your choice). You then received a 10% discount on the total price (discount scale: 10% for 4 pieces, 15% for 8 pieces, 20% for 15 pieces).

If you return a dilator and buy another one in return, the discount will remain because you have bought four in total. But if you don't want another one in place of the one you returned, you only keep three: We will then charge the three you keep at the normal price because the discount for four no longer applies when you buy three.

In any case, if you exchange an item (for a different size) or return it (for a refund), we will cancel the entire first purchase and recalculate what you actually keep afterwards. The amount you paid previously will be offset against the new invoice amount and you will either receive a refund of the excess or you, as the customer, will pay the shortfall by invoice.