Unique features of Viball Kegel Balls balls for women, men and couples

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* NOTE: The terms "Ben Wa balls, Kegel balls or Geisha balls" etc. all describe the same thing: A solid ball rotating in a hollow sphere creating stimulation when you move. So we use here all terms alternately.

Six sizes for optimal customisation

Viball Kegel Balls* are available in the right size for everyone and for every application: small to very large, light to very heavy, for first-time users or for experienced users. You can find out how to find your ideal Viball in the descriptions of the applications under "Frequently asked questions about Viball".

Implant steel instead of silicone

Viball Kegel balls* are made of high-quality implant steel. They are "pure balls" without any external applications so that they can be completely absorbed by the body, making them completely invisible to others and discreetly applicable anywhere and at any time. They are particularly easy to use and insert - even rectally - and very easy to clean. In contrast to silicone, they remain permanently hygienic: completely inert (resistant to odour or discolouration from bodily fluids) and can be sterilised in all ways. Alternating vaginal or rectal use or use by several people is therefore possible without any problems.

Certified medical device

Viball Vaginal balls* are certified as a medical device and as such must prove its effectiveness - unlike erotic toys. Conversely, however, the therapeutic effectiveness also guarantees effective erotic stimulation. The Medical Devices Act also guarantees the safety of use, i.e. problem-free application without a ribbon.

The material must not contain any toxic substances either. Our material, implant steel (AISI 316L) goes far beyond this, as it is suitable for years of permanent use in the body.

The highest intensity of vibration in the world

In order to achieve the maximum effect with each of the six Viball sizes, the optimum size ratios of the outer and inner balls have been precisely calculated.

In addition, the specific properties of stainless steel/implant steel mean that the vibrations are transmitted to the body much more intensively than with silicone. This means: Viball Kegel Balls have the most intense vibration of all love balls in the world - both therapeutically and erotically.

Mobility in the body

The spherical shape without any external application and the smooth polished surface prevent the muscles from fixing Viball in the body, as is the case with hourglass shapes. The movement of Viball creates intense muscle tone - a valuable, additional form of stimulation.

It is impossible for Viball Kegel Balls to "disappear" in the body or not to be moved out independently: As a medical device, the safety of Viball is guaranteed and for vaginal and rectal use and has been proven by thousands of users.

Completely inside the body - invisible from the outside

For decades all Geisha- , Ben wa or Kegel balls* have been produced with a strap or a loop to retrieve the ball. Why? It has been therapeutically proven that this is completely unnecessary for the average user, wether for vaginal or rectal use, it is only required in (rare!) cases of some certain physical problems. Viball Vaginal balls*consist of nothing else but the pure polished ball, so they can be inserted and cleaned very easily, they are completely invisibly inside the body and even can be applied during sexual intercourse.

And they are the only Kegel Balls*that also move themselves in the apllication area because of their smooth polished surface.

Don't worry: The removal of Viball Kegel Balls* is easy to practice for both vaginal and rectal use. It is explained in detail in the instructions for use. For the rare cases that physical anomalies, misalignments or problems in the application area such as cramps, scars etc. make insertion difficult, we offer special application sleeves at a reasonable price. One application sleeve is included with every Viball, so you can test everything without risk.

Guarantee and sustainability

Products made of silicone have to be replaced after some time for hygienic reasons and have an enormous impact on the environment with the toxins they release.

Viball Kegel balls*in contrast are absolutely free of harmful substances and completely sustainable because it is 100% recyclable. But that will take a long time - because it has a virtually unlimited lifespan.

That's why we give a 2-year guarantee on every Viball.

Applications of Viball Kegel Balls balls

  • Pelvic floor problems such as incontinence, vaginal discomfort, postural defects, back pain etc.
  • Prostate, potency and erection problems
  • Erotic stimulation, for use in everyday life, as erotic accessories
  • Problems during sexual intercourse (e.g. lost penis syndrome, orgasm problems)
  • Hemorrhoids.
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* NOTE: The terms "Ben Wa-, Kegel-, Vaginal- or Geisha balls" etc. all describe the same thing: A solid ball rotating in a hollow sphere creating stimulation when you move. So we use here all terms alternately.