V-Stool: Multifunctional design stool

The idea behind the design of this extraordinary stool was to incorporate as many possible uses as possible into a piece of seating furniture, based on the model of a birthing stool. Depending on the length of the legs, V-Stool is a designer stool or designer chair and combines the aspects of lifestyle, health, functionality and eroticism with aesthetics and uncompromising quality. V-Stool shows individuality and is incredibly multifunctional. Let yourself be surprised:

New seating feeling

Experience sitting without pressure on your genitals and the freedom of the base chakra. The V-shaped opening and sitting position further forward or back means you can adapt the V-Stool to your anatomy. Completely different and super comfortable.

Meditation stool

V-Stool gives you the feeling of floating above the ground. And allows different positions for meditation according to your physical abilities - without numb legs because you can fold them under the stool if necessary. The V-opening allows a more upright sitting position than on the floor, ensures free breathing and prevents back pain.

Erotic furniture

Below or above? Vis a vis or a tergo? Give in or take? The V-shaped opening allows for nuanced variations of contact depending on the sitting position, at "eye level" or different levels. V-Stool awakens erotic creativity...

Seminar furniture

Due to its many functions, V-Stool also offers many possible uses as seminar furniture, including in relation to group dynamic processes and constellations.

Seminar furniture

Gymnastic exercises / bodywork

Numerous gymnastics, bodywork or yoga exercises that are normally performed on a flat floor and in which the hands or feet are below the body line or are subjected to heavy strain due to the body weight can be performed with much less strain on the joints using the V-Stool. In addition, there are special exercises that are only possible with the V-Stool, as the examples below show. The pictures also show how stable the V-Stool is even when leaning back extremely, because the legs are attached at the outermost points.

Gymnastics exercises with V-Stool


The top and bottom of the V-Stool are finished to the same standard, meaning it is aesthetically pleasing from every perspective – from above and below.

Technical data

All V-Stool materials meet our motto “Quality without compromise”:

Base plate: 19 mm birch plywood

Foam: 20 mm PUR foam RG 60/70

Cover: Skai® Parotega NF r

oyal ( technical data sheet)

Dimensions: 68.5 x 63 (W x D)

Seat height: 31 cm (with leg length 26.5 cm); 41 cm (with leg length 36.5 cm).

Weight: 4.5 kg (with leg length 26.5 cm); 4.9 kg (with leg length 36.5 cm).

Base: 1.5 cm acrylic bevelled

Floor protection: Cork

Load capacity: up to 300 kg