Medical geisha balls for women

Viball® genuine medical geisha ball* and pelvic floor trainer for women

* The terms "Kegel balls", "Geisha balls", "Ben Wa balls", "Vaginal balls" etc. all describe the same: A solid ball rolling in a hollow sphere during movement that generates stimulation by vibration. So we use here all terms in an alternate mode.

Incontinence, back pain or problems during sexual intercourse - typical signs of a weak pelvic floor in women. Not only after pregnancy or during the menopause - every woman can be affected. Genuine medical geisha balls* can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but not all products do this. The term "medical love balls" is often used, but says nothing about their actual effectiveness. Only love balls that are certified as medical devices have to prove their effectiveness - like Viball®: The vaginal balls* with the most intensive stimulation worldwide.

Viball® Kegel balls* are genuine medical love balls - and produce the most intensive stimulation worldwise - proven fact!

They stimulate your pelvic floor muscles simply by wearing them in everyday life - even without active training! They increase your erotic experience more intensely than all other Ben Wa balls*. So they combine effective pelvic floor training and sensual eroticism in one high-end product. And they can do so much more, discover the possibilities...


These properties make Viball unique worldwide:

  • Six sizes from 36 to 60 mm for every woman
  • Highest possible efficiency thanks to optimized components
  • Completely inside the body, invisible to others for more effectiveness and eroticism
  • Made of implant steel : 100% free of harmful substances, hygienic and sustainable
  • Additional stimulation by mobility in the body
  • Can even be used during sexual intercourse as a contact mediator
  • Certified medical device with proven effectiveness.

Why medical Kegel balls* for women?

Even the best sex toys often have inferior components inside covered by their beautiful surface. Only a Viball Ben Wa ball* offers all these skills in one:

  • Six sizes for optimum adaptation to your individual physique
  • Unsurpassable intensity of stimulation in every size
  • 100% non-toxic high quality material instead of cheap plastic or silicone
  • Highest sustainability and reusablity
  • For your pleasure and health - and a healthy environment

We at Theros® wanted to develop nothing less than "the bestKegel balls* in the world".The result:

The perfect combination of effective pelvic floor therapy and intense erotic stimulation in one product.

There are individual balls or two in a set at a reduced price, in six sizes and different weights for intense sensation and optimum hold. Viball Ben Wa balls* are made of pure implant steel. Unlike silicone, this high-quality material is 100% body-friendly and absolutely sustainable.

And as a certified medical product, its safety of use and above all - its effectiveness! - is proven.

Kegel balls all sizes s to xxl for women and men

Applications for Viball Kegel balls* for women

  • Training the pelvic floor - even without active training, simply by wearing it in everyday life or during sport
  • For postnatal recovery - also usable as Kegel weights for Kegel exercises
  • Quick help against incontinence
  • Erotic applications as sex toys
  • Problems during sexual intercourse / orgasm problems.

The only Ben Wa balls* in six sizes - for perfect fit

  • For long-term use in everyday life without the risk of slipping out
  • to increase efficiency through weight during active training of the pelvic floor
  • as a sex toy or as an aid during sexual intercourse, e.g. lost penis syndrome.

You can find tips on determining the optimum size under "Which size for which application?".

Viball - the world champion of vibration

The optimal proportions of the inner and outer balls are precisely calculated. This enables the highest possible vibration for pelvic floor training and/or as a sex toy in each of the six sizes.

Viball: Animation der Funktionsweise

Mobility in your body

Viball®  Ben Wa balls*have another unique feature: They can move inside the vagina in interaction with the pelvic floor muscles! The range of action is significantly extended, unlike products with loops or segments in a figure-of-eight or hourglass shape, which stuck in the body in a fixed position. Viball moved and stimulates the entire pelvic floor muscles, the G-spot and the cervix.

Kegel balls* without a ribbon? Of course!

Ribbons or loops to retrieve Geisha balls* are impractical, "treacherous" and these "bacterial bridges" are often the cause of impaired vaginal flora or urinary tract infections. Thy are definitely NOT necessary, except in rare cases of cramping, scarring or other vaginal injuries. So we have decided: Get rid of them. And thousands of women show: No problem at all!

It is really simple to bring a Viball out of the body.We explain it in detail in the instructions for use, enclosed as 24 page booklet. Nevertheless, we deliver each Viball® Ben Wa ball*with a special application sleeve. This can be used to support the application (by pulling) if it should be necessary. So you can try it without any risk. If you have injuries as described above that prevent the bringing out you can buy such sleeves in our shop.

Rectal application (e.g. against hemorrhoids) is also possible without a sleeve. You can find details to this also in the enclosed manual or if you follow "Frequently asked questions about Viball" and also in our numerous topic guides.

Medical implant steel compared to silicone

Products made of silicone absorb odors and discoloration and are harmful to health and hygiene, especially when used for long periods of time. They must therefore be replaced and, as a disposable product, have a considerable impact on the environment. Silicone also dampens the important vibrations.

Viball Ben Wa balls*are made of implant steel, a very expensive and high-quality material, but there is no alternative:

  • Absolutely no toxins, 100% biocompatible even after prolonged use
  • Unsurpassed oscillation and vibration transmission
  • Mirror-smooth surface without pores enables mobility in the body and easy cleaning
  • Top hygienic even after repeated use
  • In contrast to silicone, absolutely odor- and discoloration-resistant
  • Absolutely sustainable because not a disposable product and 100% recyclable. In contrast to silicone vaginal balls*, which are extremely harmful to the environment as disposable items. A high price...


Viball® Ben Wa balls* - Certified as medical device

* The terms "Kegel balls", "Geisha balls", "Ben Wa balls", "Vaginal balls" etc. all describe the same: A solid ball rolling in a hollow sphere during movement that generates stimulation by vibration. So we use here all terms in an alternate mode.

Viball is one of the very few Geisha balls* worldwide with a certification as "medical device", and the only one made of antiallergic implant steel. In order to be approved as a medical device, pelvic floor training aids such as Viball must prove their effectiveness - in contrast to conventional erotic products. Medical devices also must fulfil strict legal safety requirements, that means: The application without a ribbon or a loop is guaranteed to be safe.  And medical devices must not contain any toxic substances: Implant steel meets clinical requirements even if it remains in the body for an extremely long time. Don't  be satisfied with less!

Against incontinence

Inkontinenz bei einer Frau

Wearing a Viball® Ben Wa ball* in everyday life or during sport creates different stimulation for the pelvic floor muscles depending on the intensity of your movement. Some of these are not even perceived: These fine impulses increasingly stimulate the sphincter muscles. So Viball Kegel balls*are  very effective against incontinence in daily use. And you can wear your Viball really anywhere and let it work because it is invisible to others.

Against hemorrhoids (after pregnancy)

also Implant steel also enables simple and hygienic rectal application of Viball® Vaginal balls* against hemorrhoids after pregnancy or childbirth.A ball or set of the right size can reduce hemorrhoids (other spelling: haemorrhoids) into the tissue and prevent them from coming out again in the long term. Implant steel also prevents inflammation of hemorrhoids (haemorrhoids). Acute cases of inflamed haemorrhoids can even be treated with cold therapy using a frozen ball: The outer shell provides moderate cooling for hours. For details, see "Treating haemorrhoids with FMS dilators and Viball".

Also during sexual intercourse: for new, intense feelings

Inappropriate proportions between a (small) penis and a (wide) vagina are often the cause of loss of feeling and orgasm problems for both partners. A Viball® in a suitable size can solve the problem: The round shape of a ball offers no friction surface and the polished surface is extremely smooth and slippery. The result is intense contact, but no irritation of the vaginal wall or penis. The light vibration conveys the feeling of vaginal contractions and thus intensifies the sensation. With a Viball® vaginal ball*, both partners experience a new, intense feeling of unity.

Viball Kegel balls* - your sensual secret

Frau hält Finger vor den Mund

Viball® are the only Ben Wa balls* that are completely in your body and invisible from the outside. They are your personal sensual secret wherever you are, in the shower after sport, in the sauna - even during sex. Thanks to their perfectly round shape and polished surface, Viball® Kegel balls*are not perceptible to your partner's penis as a foreign object, but only by their effect of narrowing the vagina and subtle vibration, similar to muscle contraction. So it's up to you whether you share your secret...

Hera Schulte Westenberg: Therapeutische Beratung

Still questions?

"Questions and answers about Viball" gives you more informations. And we cover other specific issues in our topic guide. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me personally. I'll be happy to answer them.


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Quality, safety, guarantee

  • A certified laboratory checks the quality and composition of the implant steel of every lot
  • Each Viball® is checked several times for stability, perfect surface finish and flawless mechanical properties
  • Every Viball® comes with a two-year guarantee