Use of FMS dilators for lichen sclerosus

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Lichen sclerosus is a non-contagious, chronic skin disease in the genital area. It often affects women, but men and children can also develop the disease. The main symptoms are itching, burning and pain as well as initially blotchy white skin changes in the area of the vulva and labia, anus or penis. Scarring and tissue atrophy can occur as the disease progresses.

Why FMS dilators for lichen sclerosus?

Treatment with FMS dilators for lichen sclerosus offers efficient and gentle help because dilation is not achieved by simple spreading as with traditional dilators, but through the gentle massaging effect of the elliptical heads. To achieve this, the dilator does not have to be removed and inserted completely, but only the elliptical head alternately, thus avoiding strain on uninvolved areas. In addition, the extremely smooth borosilicate glass glides with virtually no friction. These factors allow countless repetitions during the massage, which keep the tissue flexible and activate the (cell) metabolism. And all without irritating sensitive areas of skin.

A dilator or a dilator set?

In the early stages of the disease with lichen sclerosus, you can prevent a narrowing of the vaginal entrance due to hardening of the tissue by regularly massaging with a single FMS dilator. The right size is crucial here: a glass dilator that is too small has too little or no massage effect, one that is too large causes pain and is therefore useless. However, a dilator set is always recommended, as you can adjust the size to your condition and the acute level of discomfort on a daily basis and increase it if you like.

If you have already developed symptoms of the disease, treatment with a dilator set is always necessary because it is necessary to start small and increase the size over the course of treatment.

The right size

The fact that vaginal receptivity varies greatly and that there are also different degrees of severity and symptoms shows that it is not possible to make a general statement about the optimal size of an individual dilator or dilator set. That is why Theos® offers 27 sizes and many different sets.

The first step for optimal chances of recovery is therefore determining the right initial size, preferably through a thorough self-examination. Within a set, it is even possible to exchange dilators with a certain type of approach. We give you tips for determining the right size.

Mental preparation

As every affected woman knows best how sensitive the skin in the genital area affected by lichen sclerosus is, create a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere to make the treatment as pleasant as possible. Stimulating yourself erotically will also help. And look forward to being able to enjoy sex again without pain.

The ideal position is a half-sitting, leaning position with open, bent legs. If necessary, the treatment can also be performed standing up with one foot propped up on a stool or chair.

What else do I need for the application?

For optimal treatment, tempering the dilator can be helpful: Heat relaxes the tissue, cold cools any acute burning sensation and relieves pain. You can provide a container of water for this, but you should then dry the glass dilators briefly after immersion. Larger FMS dilators can even be kept at a constant temperature with a filling; details can be found in theinstructions for use.

FMS dilators have the best gliding ability of all. Nevertheless, a high-quality,anti-allergenic lubricantis required to create a lubricating film.

You should also have a towel ready to dry off after the water bath and to take off the dilators used, and another to clean your fingers after applying lubricant so that you can treat yourself without interruption and undisturbed.

The most important thing: the FMS massage

Important: Start with a size that you can insert comfortably. Then move the dilator back and forth to massage it gently. The most important thing with lichen sclerosus, however, is that you alternate between inserting and removing the dilator head completely. In this way, you move the areas of skin around the vaginal entrance and make them flexible, as the symptoms of lichen sclerosus are concentrated on the labia and vulva in the front area. All you need to do is move the head of the dilator back and forth.

Only FMS dilators allow this type of application, as the tissue "flows" around the elliptical heads in both directions of application - just like in nature.

You should gradually increase the speed of the movement until you can insert and remove the dilator at least once per second. This massage and mobilization of the hardened tissue is more important for the success of the treatment than the stretching or how deep you insert the dilator.

Dilator for lichen sclerosus - when to increase the size

If moving a dilator does not cause any pain or discomfort, you can continue treatment with the next size. This may be the case with the first application, but can also take several days in the case of severe conditions. Treatment success is quicker with sets with small size increments, while larger increments require a little more patience. The degree of increase is determined solely by your well-being during use.

Frequency and duration of use

The duration and frequency always depend on the current state of the disease. In an acute flare-up, use is usually limited to what is necessary just to maintain the status and counteract further deterioration. Between episodes, you should check whether changes have occurred and take countermeasures if necessary. Under no circumstances should you take too long a break between treatments, as a hardening of the tissue can also occur gradually. As the person affected, you are the best expert for your body.

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