Use of FMS dilators for hemorrhoids

Here we describe the use of FMS dilators for hemorrhoids.

General information on hemorrhoids can be found in our guides

Information on the special functioning of FMS dilators can be found at special features of FMS dilators and in the instructions for use.


The primary purpose of using glass dilators for hemorrhoids is repositioning. Repositioning refers to pushing the hemorrhoid back into its place in the hemorrhoidal seam from which it has emerged. Tempering the dilators is very helpful here, an advantage of the FMS dilators. For inflamed haemorrhoids, cooling is the optimal measure to reduce swelling. They shrink and can thus be repositioned more easily.

The optimal size of a dilator for repositioning depends on many factors:

  • The degree of discomfort
  • The individual physique
  • rectal flexibility or receptivity in the rectal area
  • .

It is therefore highly recommended to have several sizes of dilators, i.e. a dilator set, to choose from so that you can decide on a daily basis depending on your mood.

The treatment is carried out in a relaxed lateral position.

  1. The dilator is tempered, either (briefly) in a cold water bath or (more sustainably and colder) in the refrigerator, see below: Dilators as heat sinks.
  2. The dilator is dried briefly if necessary, lubricated and inserted slowly with gentle pressure. This repositions the haemorrhoid (pushes it back into the tissue) and the cooling also narrows the exit point.
  3. It should remain there for at least a quarter of an hour so that the repositioning is more sustainable.
  4. The dilator is then carefully removed. Sometimes the hemorrhoid disappears completely the first time. As a rule, the application must be repeated over several days until the hemorrhoid remains in the hemorrhoidal seam.

You can also support the repositioning in everyday life by wearing a Viball, our medical love balls. The ball made of implant steel prevents the haemorrhoid from leaking again after repositioning.

Dilators as heat sinks

The special material of an FMS dilator has a beneficial cooling effect even in its normal state. This effect is further enhanced by a water bath in which the dilator can be cooled down again after being heated in the body. For real cryotherapy (cold therapy), FMS dilators are filled with kitchen paper and soaked in a water bath. The cellulose reliably retains the water inside the dilator. The dilator prepared in this way is placed in the refrigerator for several hours until it is completely cooled.


After the symptoms have subsided, regular massage with FMS dilators is an ideal follow-up treatment, as it strengthens the tissue and effectively prevents hemorrhoids from forming again. The massage effect is created by the back and forth movement of the dilator through the elliptical head, another feature that only FMS dilators offer. Borosilicate glass with the smoothest of all surfaces reliably prevents irritation of the mucous membranes in the rectal area or the anal sphincter.

Positive "side effects" on the prostate, pelvic floor and continence

The prostate is also included in the post-treatment massage for men, which has positive effects on prostatitis, potency and erectile function. We describe a targeted prostate massage under the menu item "Application for prostate massage. "

An additional benefit of FMS dilators is the ability to train the alternation of relaxation and tension in sync with the direction of movement of the dilator:

When inserting, first very consciously relax the sphincter muscle (motto: "Allow instead of let"), then the opposite pole: when inserting, hold the head of the dilator with the strength of the sphincter muscle. A very effective exercise and enormous strengthening for the entire pelvic floor and the sphincter muscles of the bladder and anus.

Choosing the size(s)

The optimal applicability and particular effectiveness of FMS dilators result from the ability to adjust the size precisely to your needs. This is because people differ considerably in terms of rectal receptivity: gender, age, degree of the problem and experience with rectal receptivity or anal eroticism cause enormous differences. There is therefore no universal size(s) for everyone. The menu item "How do I find the right size"gives you tips on how to determine your personal dilator set.

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