Theros® Vagina Stents

Theros® Vagina Stents prevent the vagina from collapsing or cramping and/or the vaginal walls from sticking together in cases of vaginal stenosis, after genital surgery (neovagina) or following radiotherapy. They are particularly effective in combination with FMS dilators to make their use sustainable by wearing them in everyday life.

Vaginal stents with a segment enable better retention in the vagina, especially for smaller sizes.

Vaginal stents without a segment are easier to insert and are more suitable for severely traumatized tissue or cramps / vaginism etc.

Theros® vagina stents are made of extremely break-resistant borosilicate glass (see download area for specifications). All vaginal stents have an opening at the top and bottom to drain secretions.

Each piece is handmade (mouth-blown) and unique. Corresponding tolerances in the shape are therefore natural. However, the outer diameters are exact.