Theros® Massive Balls

Theros® Massive Balls are the only vaginal balls or anal balls in the world made of solid, anti-allergenic implant steel AISI316L and, like Viball®, are free of toxins even after long-term use.

Pelvic floor training:

Solid balls are ideal for our pelvic floor exercises in horizontal positions, because the heavy weight can provide resistance to horizontal movements to increase the effect. This means the muscles are trained very effectively and erotically from a different angle. This is done very gently, because the heavy weight does not put pressure on the pelvic floor like it does in an upright position.

Massive Balls can only be used in an upright position if the pelvic floor is extremely well trained. You can find out more about this strength training for the pelvic floor in “Vaginal Kung Fu” by Kim Amani.

When used rectally as anal beads, there are no concerns even in an upright position if the pelvic floor muscles are healthy, as the rectal area is considerably more muscular than the vaginal area and can bear a considerably higher weight.

Erotic effects:

- Intensely perceptible presence of mass and weight in the genital area
- Stimulating pressure on G-spot, cervix or anal region
- Increase the ability to orgasm or the intensity of the orgasm.

Available sizes:

MB36: diameter 36 mm, weight 190 grams

MB40: diameter 40 mm, weight 270 grams

MB45: Diameter 45 mm, weight 380 grams

MB50: diameter 50 mm, weight 520 grams.

Scope of delivery: Includes velvet bag, 10 ml Vemal anti-allergenic lubricant and application cover for the first application.

Due to the manufacturing process, occasional semicircular depressions of 1-2 mm may appear on the surface, but these are polished out and do not cause any irritation.