Use of FMS dilators for vaginismus

Forget everything you know about dilators until no

And above all, what the word "dilation" triggers in you: Probably discomfort or even pain. Put an end to that.

FMS dilators redefine the treatment of vaginismus.

FMS means: "Flexibilization and Massage System". This is an alternative, very gentle approach to relieving vaginal cramps. The FMS method is not primarily based on stretching or spreading as with conventional dilators, but releases cramps through gentle massage.The exceptional effectiveness of FMS dilators for vaginismus is due to their special properties and a very wide range of sizes and sets that you can customize to your individual needs.

Full functionality and aesthetics

Theros FMS dilators are made of high-quality, shatterproof borosilicate glass. This material has been proven to have the smoothest surface available, completely without pores and therefore does not cause any frictional resistance or compression effect as with conical dilators made of silicone. Each dilator is custom-made, mouth-blown and therefore has no edges like industrially manufactured glass dilators. This is why FMS dilators glide so smoothly. This unique gliding ability allows you to use them for longer periods of time without irritating your sensitive areas.

The special streamlined shape in seven variations prevents compression of the tissue during insertion and therefore ensures maximum comfort during use.

Certified medical device

Theros FMS dilators are certified as a medical device. This guarantees that they are safe to use and their effectiveness is proven

Special shape modelled on nature

FMS dilators are not conical in shape, but have an elliptical head and a slightly slimmer shaft. This special shape, modeled on nature, does not create any compression and is much more slippery, like a fish in water, also due to the wonderful material. The elliptical head makes it unnecessary to insert the entire dilator in order to achieve the maximum effect. Areas further inside the body can also be stimulated in a targeted manner.

Set of Dilators for Vaginism

All sizes are the same length

In conventional dilator sets, the slimmer dilators are shorter because silicone is too unstable. This makes no therapeutic sense at all, as the slimmer shapes are easier to insert deeply and thus optimally prepare the entire vaginal area. FMS dilators are all the same length, and you can insert the slimmer ones as deeply as you like or stimulate problem areas further in. Decide for yourself and feel where it does you the most good. You are in control.

Finding the right size of dilator set

Several dilators - i.e. a dilator set - are required for the treatment of vaginismus. However, individual physical characteristics and the symptoms of vaginismus vary greatly. We therefore offersets in many different sizes. Before using it for the first time, it would therefore be helpful if you tried to find out the right initial size by doing a self-examination. This may seem quite unusual, but it is the first step towards healing - and not difficult at all. You can find out how to do this here. If you still can't do it, start with the smallest set.

Preparing the application

The psyche plays a significant role in the success of the application. That's why a pleasant atmosphere, peace and quiet and enough time are important. A positive attitude and conscious, deep breathing provide additional relaxation. A recommended position for the treatment is a half-sitting, leaning and relaxed posture with open, slightly raised legs.

The correct application

Determining the right starting size

If you've bought a dilator set, you'll probably want to start with the smallest dilator. But better do it the other way round: try the largest one first - of course it won't fit yet. Then go down one size at a time until you can accommodate a dilator size without any problems. This is your personal starting size. You don't need the smaller dilators and because they are still sealed, you can exchange them.

Our service: You can exchange dilators from a set if they are still sealed.

For easier insertion, you can heat Theros® FMS dilators (and the anti-allergenic lubricant enclosed) in a water bath, as heat also relaxes the muscles. With cellulose filling, FMS dilators are even sustainable heating or cooling elements. You can find information on this in theinstructions for use, which are included with every purchase. After heating, the dilator should be dried. Put some lubricant in your vulva and on the tip of the dilator. Now place the head of the dilator at the vaginal entrance and try to insert the dilator slowly while gently turning it.

Once the head has passed your vaginal entrance, that's it. Then relax for a while. As you gradually move the dilator back and forth, its elliptical head will create a wave motion in your vagina. There aredifferent silhouettes within a set that trigger different stimulations. The point of the FMS method is to bring your vaginal muscles out of their 'normal' state of cramping by giving them gentle movement. You should therefore choose a very small initial size for the first mobilization, where the effect of stretching does not play a role.

Increasing the sizes

Once you can move one size back and forth without any problems, it is possible to try out the next size. You can of course determine the increase in sizes yourself. Continue in this way until you can easily pick up and move the largest dilator in the set. In order for sexual intercourse with vaginal penetration to work without any problems, you should have reached a size of at least approx. 36 millimetres.

Simulation of sexual intercourse

The non-porous, extremely smooth surface of borosilicate allows you to make longer movements without skin irritation. You can gradually increase the intensity of the back and forth movement to get used to the movement of the penis in your vagina. The head of the dilator simulates the glans of the penis. This also shows the advantages of the natural shape of FMS dilators.

Advanced use of FMS dilators

Once the cramps have been largely resolved, FMS dilators can also be used for an advanced application to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. The alternation between relaxation and contraction is trained synchronously with the insertion and removal of the dilator. This means that conscious relaxation takes place during insertion. During insertion, the head of the dilator is held in place with the strength of the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. This exercise strengthens the pelvic floor muscles enormously, which is just as helpful for healthy and pleasurable sexuality as it is for avoiding incontinence.

With well-trained pelvic floor muscles, you can even 'grip' the glans of the penis during intercourse, which is very pleasurable for you and your partner.

Precondition for the use of dilators

Self-treatment with FMS dilators can only be helpful if you are psychologically ready for it and you authentically want sexual fulfillment through penetration. An assumed idea of so-called "normal sex" should not play a role here.

If you still need basic information on vaginismus, you can find it in our guide.
All medical applications are listed under "Special properties of FMS dilators", e.g. scars, indurations, lichen sclerosus, haemorrhoids.
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