FMS dilators for couples

FMS dilators for couples

As with all Theros products, you can have extraordinary erotic experiences alone or with a partner with our FMS dilators that will enrich your erotic world.

Our dilators differ from conventional glass dilators, glass dildos or similar sex toys in that you can adjust their size(s) exactly to your respective physical capabilities and erotic use. We'll give you tips on how tofind the right sizefor you.

The smooth, frictionless surface opens up a very gentle and virtually frictionless application, just as the unique gliding ability opens up new erotic perspectives.

Countering vaginismus together

For vaginismus or dyspareunia, after injuries to the genital area or after a long period of abstinence from sex or intercourse, you can use several increasing sizes together to gently "open up". Provided that, for you as a woman, vaginal penetration by your partner is truly your own authentic desire.

Careful boundary experiences

The finely graduated dilator sets are also suitable for more intensive practices, whereby the sizes may be significantly larger - however you both like it and how it enriches both of your experiences. This way, you can have breathtaking borderline experiences together in a responsible way without the risk of injury.

Temperature as a muscle relaxant

FMS dilators are hollow and the larger they are, the better they can be kept at a constant temperature for a long time by filling them with water-soaked cellulose (e.g. kitchen paper) and bringing them to a high, but still body-friendly temperature in a controlled manner. An adjustable baby food warmer is ideal for this. The cellulose reliably prevents moisture from escaping.

High temperature is an excellent muscle relaxant, i.e. a product that deeply relaxes muscles. It works almost immediately on contact. And intense heat also stimulates erotically - a wonderful combination...

Roll swap - makes a great high

Do you think you're a "normal" heterosexual couple, but your sex life is bland and pretty routine in well-worn roles that are also clearly divided into male-female, male-female in everyday life?

According to C.G. Jung, we all consist of many facets of archetypes that make up our overall personality. This alone opens up worlds of erotic creativity, but even more importantly:

No man consists only of the male pole, no woman only of the female pole.

All people have both poles in different proportions. It is important to activate both opposing poles in order to allow life energy to flow optimally. Sexual role reversal is a wonderful way to achieve this and enrich the entire world of experience.

The woman takes on the role of penetrator during sex (perhaps for the first time). She becomes the active one, according to the male symbol of the arrow.

Correspondingly, the man (perhaps for the first time) takes on the role of allowing penetration (circlusion). He becomes passive, receptive according to the female symbol of the circle. It is often only through the activation of the feminine, second pole that the entire masculinity unfolds.

Role swapping often solves potency problems - also through the resulting prostate massage.

This game initially requires openness and serious attention from you, then good preparation (size selection?) and, above all, mindfulness when performing it. It can initially be performed by manually using dilators in a setting that you both prepare together beforehand: Man emphasizes passive, woman emphasizes active. The use of dilators becomes more realistic when the woman uses them (alternately) in a suitable strap-on. We will go into this in more detail in our sex guides.

Not only for heterosexual couples, but also for homosexual or lesbian couples, role reversal is of course an effective way to revive monotony caused by an overly "entrenched" understanding of roles in sexuality and in the relationship.

Role reversal as (re)activation of the opposite pole not only creates erotic "great rush": practiced as an erotic-spiritual exercise and with awareness, this will also have an influence on everyday awareness and enrich your entire he-life, for each of you and for you as a couple / your partnership.

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You can find more information under "Frequently asked questions about FMS dilators" and in our guides we cover other specific topics. If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally. I'll be happy to answer them.


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