Use of FMS dilators for anal fissures

General information on anal fissures can be found in our guide Anal fissure.

You can find information about the special properties that make FMS dilators so exceptionally effective atSpecial features of FMS dilators.

The use of dilators - often referred to as "stretching rods" or "anal spreaders" - for fissures may seem counterintuitive at first: "Stretching for a fissure?"

Of course not, because FMS dilators are completely different to conical dilators made of silicone. Due to their special shape and friction-free material, they are also used in the treatment of fissures and their special effect is not primarily based on stretching, but on gentle mobilization and (re)activation of frozen, cramped areas.

For the treatment of fissures, you absolutely need a dilator set - ideally one in the finest gradations of 1 to 2 mm increments, because you should proceed very carefully in the event of an injury. The right initial size is also important, because if the dilators are too small, they will have too little effect and if they are too large, they cannot be used. We give you information on how to find the right set for you orthe right starting size.

The application for anal fissures is based on three functions:

  • Relaxation / release (for spasms)
  • Stimulate / massage (for healing)
  • Flexibilize and strengthen (for prevention)

Relieving anal spasms

Anal fissures are often the result of chronic severe tension in the sphincter and can even lead to anal spasms. Its psychological causes should be treated separately as a matter of urgency. In order to relieve cramps on a physical level, it should not be used immediately after a fissure has occurred, as the acute condition makes treatment more difficult. In the case of particularly severe cramps, however, this may be necessary.

For the beginning of the treatment, you absolutelyneed a dilator in a size that can be inserted without discomfort, as far as this is possible. This is why FMS dilators are available from as little as 14 mm and are made of glass, because it is extremely smooth and makes insertion much easier.

1) First, you should cover the anal fissure with a protective ointment of a firmer consistency.

2) Temper the glass dilator: Intense heat is very beneficial for relaxing the cramp; if possible, you should wait one to two days for a fresh anal fissure. If this is not possible due to an acute cramp, bring the dilator to body heat in a water bath, preferably with the lubricant. We recommend anallergenic Vemal lubricant.

3) Dry the dilator, otherwise the lubricant will be diluted. Apply a little lubricant, also in the area of the sphincter and on the fissure. If you can, carefully apply a little lubricant to the inside of the rectum to keep everything smooth.

4) Then insert the dilator, alternating between gentle pressure and release. If your sphincter does not open by itself without pain, it is better to use a smaller dilator.

5) After insertion, you should relax for a few minutes.

6) Now gradually move the dilator back and forth. Keep increasing this movement.

7) Now fully extend the dilator and then immediately retract it again. Repeat the insertion and withdrawal, i.e. opening and closing the sphincter, very slowly at first and then gradually faster. This creates a gentle pulsating effect on the sphincter, which releases the tension. All you need to do is push the head of the dilator in and out.

8) To achieve a more lasting effect, you can repeat the application with the next larger dilator, but only if this is possible without pain under the circumstances: The only important thing at this stage is stimulation, not stretching or progress in size. If you increase the size too quickly at this stage, you risk the fissure breaking open again instead of healing quickly.

Stimulate by massaging

Regular gentle application stimulates cell metabolism and blood circulation and thus promotes wound healing. In this phase, however, you should not aim to stretch or progress the sizes, but rather to regularly and gently stimulate the sphincter muscle and the entire rectal area.


With progressive healing and after preparation through longer, regular massage, you can increase the sizes to increase the flexibility of the sphincter. This will make the treatment success sustainable.

When performing the massage from the body, try to grasp and "hold" the head of the dilator with the sphincter muscle. This alternation between relaxation (in) and tension (out) strengthens the anal sphincter as it becomes more flexible.

In addition, the "muscle memory" re-learns to define relaxation as the basic state.

This application with contractions is only possible with the special form of FMS dilators, more details can be found in the instructions for use.


Once the anal fissure has healed completely, you can massage more intensively and increase the sizes more quickly within one application

as a preventative measure.

However, the more you increase the sizes, i.e. relax and flex the muscles, the more important the opposite pole becomes: now you need to alternate between relaxation and contraction to strengthen.

When performing the exercise from the body, try to grasp the head of the dilator with the sphincter and "hold on". This contraction strengthens the muscle and the sphincter becomes flexible, but remains strong and powerful.

This treatment is only possible with the special form of FMS dilators, more details can be found in the instructions for use.

Hardening "side effects"

The latter exercises have anenormous effect on the entire pelvic floor muscles, especially against incontinence,

as a beneficial side effect.

In men, depending on the intensity, the above applications also stimulate or massage the prostate. Of course, as a man with FMS dilators, you can also perform a prostate massage independently of the symptoms in order to counteract prostatitis or erectile dysfunction and maintain or increase your potency.

For women, trans men and couples

FMS dilators are also suitable for treating many problems in the vaginal area, e.g.

  • birth injuries (vaginal tear, perineal tear), vaginismus, incontinence,
  • Consequences of radiation
  • Pain during penetration/Gv during the menopause
  • Preparation for penetration/GV after a long period of abstinence
  • .

FMS dilators are unique in the world for the aftercare and further treatment of the neo-vagina for trans people after gender reassignment surgery.

In addition to all therapeutic applications, the phallic shape also allows for erotic applications as glass dildos, see e.g. "Applications for couples".

You can find all possible applications under"Special features of FMS dilators".

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