Medical Ben Wa balls for men

Stimulate your pelvic floor, potency and prostate with Ben Wa balls* for men.

* NOTE: The terms "Kegel balls", "Geisha balls", "Ben Wa balls", "Vaginal balls" etc. all describe the same: A solid ball rolling in a hollow sphere during movement that generates stimulation by vibration. So we use here all terms in an alternate mode.

Maintain the healthy function of your pelvic floor muscles, virility and continence with Viball® Ben Wa balls* for men. They strengthen your erection during sexual intercourse, are effective against incontinence and hemorrhoids and significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


With Viball® Geisha balls* for men", you can stimulate the function of your prostate and potency and ensure a strong pelvic floor without medication, special diet or exercises. Simply by wearing them in everyday life: You insert them into your anus while applying light pressure with your finger, where they permanently create a kind of prostate massage. Viball® Kegel balls* are a certified medical product with a clinically proven effect. With the pleasant "side effect" of intense erotic stimulation, because your prostate is your male G-spot.

A Viball® Ben Wa ball* for men massages the pelvic floor, prostate and root of the penis in men through vibration - with every movement in everyday life or during sport. This ensures healthy functioning of the prostate, pelvic floor and potency and - importantly! - are also highly effective against hemorrhoids.

Be surprised what else you can do with it... Discover the skills of Viball® for men:




These properties make Viball® unique

All the details of a Viball® are of uncompromising quality. We at Theros wanted to create nothing less than the best Kegel balls* in the world, they work even without Kegel exercises. See the facts:

  • Only Viball® Geisha balls* are made of high-quality implant steel and not silicone. They are "pure balls", do not have any external frills and have a polished surface. This makes them the only Viball® Ben Wa balls* that are particularly suitable for men to stimulate the prostate: Very easy to insert, top hygienic, absolutely free from harmful substances and maximum efficiency.
  • Thanks to precise calculations, each viball generates the most intense stimulation of all Kegel balls* worldwide - physically, that's as good as it gets! - to stimulate the function of the prostate, to train potency and the muscles in the entire pelvic floor, against problems with incontinence or urination.
  • An acute strengthening of the erection during sexual intercourse is created by knocking impulses that intensively stimulate the prostate during coital movements - for pleasure and love and fulfilling sex.
  • There are six sizes for beginners and experienced users: small from 36 to very large, heavy balls with up to 60 mm, single balls and pairs for more intense stimulation with small balls.
  • Completely inside the body and invisible to others, so can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Also suitable for women during sexual intercourse for vaginal use as a "contact mediator" between the penis and vagina.
  • Absolutely sustainable and 100% recyclable: remains permanently hygienic, never has to be disposed of like products made of silicone, which are extremely harmful to the environment.
  • Certified medical device with proven effectiveness and CE-approved safety of use.
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Loveball for men prostate and virility

Application areas of Viball® Geisha balls* for men

  • Pelvic floor problems (often also in the form of back pain)
  • Stimulation of prostate function, against prostate problems such as prostatitis, prostate enlargement
  • Weakness of erection (preventive)
  • Acute strengthening of the erection during sex by stimulating the prostate (knocking impulses)
  • Incontinence
  • Hemorrhoids

Six sizes from 36 to 60 mm for every man

 Viball® Ben Wa balls* are available to suit every man, no matter what size you need or are looking for: small or very large and heavy, for first experiences with rectal insertion or for "advanced" users. You can find tips to find your suitable ball size on "Frequently asked questions". If you feel overstrained even with the smallest size of 36 millimetres, you can open up quickly and gently with our FMS dilators. Or to accommodate larger models that stimulate your prostate even more intensely.

World's highest efficiency

Conventional Geisha balls* for women develop too little impulse strength for significant stimulation of the prostate. With Viball® Geisha balls*, the optimal ratios of inner and outer balls are precisely calculated for each size. In addition, the vibrating inner balls are made of stainless steel and the outer balls are even made of anti-allergenic AISI 314L implant steel. The specific weight, resonance capacity and transmission to the body are many times more intensive with this material than with silicone.

* NOTE: The terms "Kegel balls", "Geisha balls", "Ben Wa balls", "Vaginal balls" etc. all describe the same: A solid ball rolling in a hollow sphere during movement that generates stimulation by vibration. We use here all terms in an alternate mode.

Acute strengthening of the erection by massaging the prostate

Through the movements during sexual intercourse, a  Viball® Ben Wa ball* produces a tapping massage on the base of the penis and prostate, which strengthens the erection. And all of this is completely natural - without medication. As the size of the ball increases, this effect intensifies exponentially, even when used simultaneously by a partner.

Here you can find informations how to determine your suitable ball size.

Animation: How the love ball works in men

Additional stimulation by mobility in the application area

Viball® Kegel balls* are moved by the muscles in the application area, because the spherical shape and the mirror-smooth surface do not allow the tissue to fix or adhere. Other shapes with segments or ribbons do -  thus they stuck in a fixed position. Only Viball® "love balls" offer this additional stimulation of the base of the penis, sphincter muscles and prostate by its ability to move. However, the anatomy prevents it from reaching deeper into the body beyond the rectum. Even if this were to occur through external manipulation, it would be expelled again by the natural intestinal activity: The round shape of a sphere cannot twist like elongated sex toys that can stick in the body.

No loop or ribbon to draw the ball out? For sure!

Any applications protruding out of the body are particularly unhygienic when used rectally. Inserting a pure Viball® without any applications is practicable for every man. Bringing Viball® out of the body is easy, we explain it in the instructions for use. Viball® Geisha balls* can not "disappear" in the body, be sure: This guarantees the proven safety of use to get the certification as a medical product.

The application of special application sleeves to remove the ball buy drawing is only necessary for people with rare abnormalities (spasms, scarring, anal spasms, etc.). These sleeves  are available inexpensively in our store if you need them.

For safety, each Viball® comes with an application sleeve for "the first time". So you can stimulate your prostate and test the delivery without any risk.

Hemorrhoids? Viball® helps and prevents

Viball® can reduce (reposition) existing hemorrhoids and prevent them from coming out again. For inflamed hemorrhoids, Viball® Kegel balls* cooled in the freezer is also suitable for cold therapy (see instructions for use). For acute treatment of inflamed haemorrhoids, we also recommend our FMS dilators for more intensive cooling and targeted repositioning. Targeted, intensive prostate massage or "milking" the prostate without orgasm is also much easier with dilators using your finger.

"Milking" the prostate for health and well-being

The so-called "milking" of the prostate (prostate orgasm) works by massaging the prostate using light pressure with a finger. This massage of the male G-spot is very helpful in cases of prostatitis or acute inflammation of the prostate to drain secretions and as a prophylaxis against prostate cancer. With long, very intense exercise, large Viball® Ben Wa balls*(other items: Geiha balls) can also stimulate the prostate so intensely that this prostate orgasm occurs.

Man and woman in a sensual moment in bed

No more feeling during intercourse? Viball® helps

A common problem: a disproportion in size between the penis and vagina, often resulting in too little contact between the partners' genitals, problems with erections for men and orgasm problems for women. The vaginal use of Viball® Kegel balls* in a suitable size creates more intensive contact in a natural way: The mirror-smooth surface prevents skin irritation and the smooth ball can not be defined as a strange object. The presence of the ball simply intensifies contact, partly due to the gentle vibration. It also increases the ability to have a vaginal orgasm by intensive stimulation of the cervix and G-spot. So Viball® Geisha balls* (or Kegel balls, Geisha balls) create new, intense experiences for both partners.

Premature ejaculation?

By using larger Viball® Ben Wa balls* (other items: Love balls) during sexual intercourse, the tapping massage of the prostate is perceived more consciously. In combination with concentration exercises, these impulses can counteract premature orgasm or ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox).

Viball® is a certified medical device

Viball® Ben Wa balls* are certified as a medical device. That means, their effectiveness is proven.  And they fulfill the legal requirements regarding safety of use: You can be sure, they can not "disappear" in the body. AISI 314L implant steel meets clinical standards for biocompatibility and hygiene even after years of use.

Implant steel instead of silicone - the reasons:

  • Optimal vibration properties and transmission of vibrations to the body
  • The higher weight results in a higher intensity of vibrations that stimulate the prostate
  • Highest biocompatibility, no binder components as in silicone
  • The polished surface allows mobility in the body and prevents irritation on contact with the genitals
  • 100% odor and discoloration resistant, unlike silicone, top hygiene, even in the long term
  • Highest durability and sustainability

Invisible to others wherever and whenever you want

Viball® love balls* remain invisible at all times, because they are completely inside your body like an implant, even during sex. If you want, keep your secret to yourself and surprise your partner with the effect.

Viball® - good for your health, your sexuality and your partnership.

* NOTE: The terms "Kegel balls", "Geisha balls", "Ben Wa balls", "Love balls" etc. all describe the same: A solid ball rolling in a hollow sphere during movement that generates stimulation by vibration. We use here all terms in an alternate mode.
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Still questions?

"Questions and answers about Viball" gives you more informations. And we cover other specific issues in our topic guide. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me personally. I'll be happy to answer them.


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Quality, safety, guarantee

  • A certified laboratory checks the quality and composition of the implant steel of every lot
  • Each Viball® is checked several times for stability, perfect surface finish and flawless mechanical properties
  • Every Viball® comes with a two-year guarantee.