FMS dilators

The special effectiveness of FMS dilators is explained by their special features modelled on nature. Each FMS dilator is made by hand and combines maximum functionality with the aesthetics of the highest craftsmanship.

Dilator sets are recommended for most applications. We offer these with high discounts. At the bottom you will find suggestions for dilator sets.

Don't know which size(s) to choose? Here you will find tips on choosing a size.

The numbers on the dilators indicate the maximum diameter at the head.
All dilators have a length of 155 mm (+/- 3 mm) and are made of extremely shatterproof borosilicate glass (see certificates).

We provide a product warranty of 2 years (see Warranty conditions).

- Velvet pouch for safe storage
- 10 ml Vemal anti-allergenic lubricant
(from 4 dilators 1 pump dispenser with 100 ml Vemal)

- Medical device class 1
- CE safety guarantee


Customer Reviews

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Christian Alexander
Didn't promise too much and exceeded expectations

Yes, I bought the 44 FMS dilator in combination with a 45 love ball and I can't do without the two in combination. Now, after a good three weeks, there are clear signs of change in the middle of my body and I'm feeling more and more comfortable. The FMS dilator made of borosilicate is perfect for a gentle but lasting pre-stretching of the anus, which makes it easier to insert the Viball love ball afterwards. The stretching pain at the very beginning is now very tolerable and almost gone. The hollow shape of the dilator is a positive, so it can be gripped safely before the body shows the way. It's also good that the dilator tapers again at its opening, which gives a good feeling that the "tight spot" has been overcome. I never felt any friction when using a lubricant, the dilator has a perfectly smooth surface. The love ball is a hit, I like it to be unobtrusive. The noise is also inaudible in everyday life, only quietly when you provoke it. With the 45 love ball, however, you can feel that it is there; you can feel individual rolling movements, which I find stimulating. I wear the Viball almost every day for 1-3 hours, even when I am cycling or in the car. Although it is only at the beginning, my urinary continence has almost completely recovered, after previously I had noticed dribbling throughout the day. My erectile function has also improved a lot during sex, and I prefer wearing the Viball more and more. Going to the toilet has also become more relaxed, probably because the anal sphincter seems to have become more elastic.
Thank you very much for two great products that make things so much more beautiful!


Excellent product, fast processing, completely hassle-free, b
Instructions for use are simple and clear - best rating!

Claudia L.
Pleasant to use

The dilators are so comfortable to use. A very nice and warm feeling. The very smooth surface allows them to slide in and out without any problems.

Information about Lichen Scerosus was missing!

I haven't tried FMS dilators yet because I don't have any precise instructions for my problem. Unfortunately...

Unfortunately, that is true, as we have only just discovered - the chapter was forgotten after the instructions for use were edited. However, no one has complained about this so far, probably because we cover the use of Lichen Sclerosus in great detail on our website:
It's a shame that we weren't contacted to rectify the error. We've now tried to do that by sending a file for this application and a product bonus without being asked.

Albert Bossart c/o Lotto Indlekofer
Any time

Easy to use, fast delivery, courteous service

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