Anal beads: More than just a sex toy for men

Schwarze Analkugeln auf weißem Hintergrund

In this guide, you will find out what anal beads or anal balls are and how they work. We shed light on the different types and explain their use and effect. We also explain why anal beads are much more than just a sex toy.

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What are anal beads or anal balls?

Anal beads (also: anal balls) are commonly known as a sex toy mainly for men. In this guide, we provide information on the range of toys available and how to use them. However, in addition to the usual sex toys for anal stimulation, there are also anal beads made of implant steel with vibration, which are even certified as medical devices. Ideal for anal use by men, but also for women, X-genders and couples during sex. These products not only provide intense erotic stimulation, but also help men in particular with many complaints, e.g. prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, haemorrhoids and problems during sex.

It is important to distinguish between the different meanings of the term "anal balls": The best known are the purely erotic toys, also known as "anal balls", "black balls" or "joyballs". These are inserted anally with a little lubricant. They are usually made of silicone and the balls are connected to each other in the form of a ball chain, which is why they are usually offered on Amazon or eBay as an "anal chain". Like almost the entire range of anal dildos or plugs, they are preferably made of "black" silicone. The black colour is intended to conceil that silicone is not inert, means, it reacts in contact with body fluids and discolours, especially when used anally, it also absorbs odour. Not very attractive... However, anyone who wants to buy dildos or balls made of undefined metals risks extreme allergies. We show alternatives, see below:

The different types of anal beads

The individual balls of anal beads are solid or hollow, so they do not generate any movement or vibration. However, there are also vibrating anal balls, means hollow balls of stainless steel with rotating inner balls  that generate vibration by movement, such as Viball®. These balls are certified medical products designed for use men and women. Viball® are Geisha balls (or Ben Wa balls) and anal balls in one because they are made of pure implant steel: The polished balls are designed for anal AND vaginal use, are extremely hygienic, very smooth, easy to insert and clean and even antiallergenic. In addition to erotic stimulation, they also have a medical effect on the pelvic floor, prostate and erection. They are also certified medical product.

Viball anal beads

Anal beads as a sex toy

The term "anal beads" (or love balls for men) in the erotic sense does not necessarily refer to several different items or products. The plural is also used for a single sex toy or sex toy because anal beads always consist of several interconnected beads in the form of a flexible chain, hence the term "anal beads", also known as black balls. They are preferably used for anal stimulation during sex.

The individual balls can be of the same or different sizes. The arrangement of the balls and the length of the toys vary greatly, as do the delivery time and price.

Materials: risks of silicone and undefined "metal"

The best items are molded in one piece from silicone, occasionally there are also anal beads made from individual metal beads on a string. Sex products with balls made from fixed rods and a handle are not as flexible as an anal chain and are therefore not safe.

Anal toys made of silicone are usually black. The reason: silicone discolors in combination with bodily fluids and also takes on an odor. The cords are rough and absorbent. These sex toys are all questionable in terms of hygiene - especially when used anally.

Be careful with items on Amazon: Toys, dildos or balls made of "stainless steel", metal or steel without precise information (often shipped on Amazon from overseas with long delivery times) can cause severe allergies or even poisoning when used anally. Advertisements do not help if the shipment is from overseas...

Application and effect

Anal beads (also: anal chain)  inserted into the anus, i.e. anally, with lubricant. In contrast to a plug or dildo, anal beads/anal chains develop their special effect when the chain is moved back and forth or pulled out through extreme stimulation of the entire anal area through the rapid sequence of opening and closing of the anal ring muscle. There is a loop or ring at the end of the anal chain for this purpose. The aim of this intense stimulation is

  • bringing about an orgasm,
  • increase the intensity of the climax or
  • prolong the duration of the orgasm.

The terms anal beads and anal chain therefore refer to the same thing. There is no known medical effect of these toys.

On the other hand, medical love balls (also called: Geisha balls or Ben Wa balls) made of implant steel such as Viball® are excellent anal balls. Due to the material they generate the maximum possible vibration. They are "pure" ball without any straps or loops of silicone. The polished ball is easy to insertand top hygienic.Viball vibrating anal balls are completely inside the body and absolutely invisible to others, wherever you wear them.

Viball can be worn permanently in everyday life, because implantation steel is 100% free of toxic.

If you want to connect more than two Viballs to form an anal chain, the balls are inserted into a special application sleevethat comes with the balls. You can choose the arrangement and size(s) of the beads individually and change them according to your application and preferences. The price is relatively high - but the globally unique properties of a viball provide significantly more erotic stimulation than conventional anal chains without vibration:

"Anal beads" with special properties

The term "anal beads" does not go far enough with Viball, as they are equally suitable for anal and vaginal use. In purely functional terms, they are love balls because they generate additional stimulation through vibration when moved. However, there are considerable differences:

  1. The intensity of stimulation of each Viball® love or anal ball is unsurpassed worldwide due to its size, weight and special material.
  2. They are made of polished implant steel, making them absolutely odor-resistant, very easy to insert and permanently hygienic. A MUST for anal use!
  3. They are available in six sizes, including love balls for women, men and X-gender, so they can be used both anally and vaginally.
  4. Because they are not firmly connected, they can be combined with an application sheath and worn vaginally / anally or by partners (at the same time)
  5. They have no straps, are worn completely inside the body during use and therefore provide exciting new ways of playing during sex.
  6. Viball love or anal balls are certified medical products that can be used for pelvic floor, prostate or potency problems, incontinence, erectile dysfunction and much more.

Pure balls - not only during sex

Viball® are certified medical devices made of pure implant steel without retraction straps or sheaths. The advantage: they are inserted completely into the body, nothing protrudes outwards, rubs or interferes. They can even be worn during vaginal or anal intercourse. And don't worry: the beads come out again without any problems, even without the tape (see instructions for use). The safety of use is guaranteed by the Medical Devices Act.

Maximum vibration

Perfectly coordinated outer and inner balls develop maximum vibration when moved. Not only for erotic, but also for therapeutic stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles, continence, prostate and the base of the penis.

Implant steel - no alternative material for anal beads

As stated above, silicone absorbs odors and discoloration and can also release harmful substances during prolonged use in the body.

Implant steel is the optimal material, especially for anal use:

  • 100 percent free of toxins and absolutely biocompatible.
  • The polished surface allows very easy insertion with just a little lubricant
  • Absolutely odor-resistant and inert (resistant to body influences)
  • Very easy to clean, permanently hygienic, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of freely movable anal beads / anal chains

Viball® balls are smoothly polished and have no outer coverings or return straps that keep a ball in a fixed position in the body. Viball moves in the body in play with the muscles. This mobility also provides an additional, gentle massage and stimulation of the pelvic floor, prostate, base of the penis and sphincter muscles.

Anal beads as certified medical devices

Compared to sex toys made of "black" silicone (due to discoloration), Viball love balls are ideal for anal/rectal use: odor and discoloration resistant, extremely easy to insert with a little lubricant, easy to clean and permanently hygienic. In contrast to silicone anal balls, which have to be replaced after a while and are therefore extremely harmful to the environment.

In addition to erotic stimulation, there are the following medical applications

  • Acute strengthening of the erection during sex
  • Prostate problems
  • Increase in potency / libido
  • Erection problems
  • Pelvic floor problems (back pain)
  • Incontinence
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Prevention of prostate cancer.

Size does matter ...

When looking for the right sex toy or anal beads, the right size is also important. Because everyone has very different ideas, preferences and, above all, physical requirements. Viball® is available in six sizes up to 60 mm - the largest and most vibrating anal ball in the world!

The larger the ball, the greater the intensity of the vibration. In order to be able to use larger anal beads, it is possible to stretch the sphincter muscle using our FMS dilators made of Borsilicate glass.

Viball - for women, men, X-gender, couples

Thanks to the precise calculation of the inner and outer ball and the vibration-intensive material, Viball® generates a vibration intensity that is physically unsurpassable. This means that men can not only stimulate the prostate, but also train the pelvic floor and potency, effectively prevent incontinence and prevent prostate cancer.

During sexual intercourse, the larger Viball balls in particular produce a kind of tapping massage on the prostate and thus an acute strengthening of the erection. For more pleasure and love for both partners.

Of course, Viball anal balls are also suitable for women as Ben Wa balls (or Kegel balls) for Kegel exercises. When used vaginally in the appropriate size during sexual intercourse, they reinforce the feeling for both partners or can be used as contact mediators between (large) vagina and (small) penis, stimulate the G-spot and promote the ability to have a vaginal orgasm.

Viball anal balls for men all sizes

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