Prostate massage

Prostata Massage mit dem Finger

In order to understand the meaning and purpose of a prostate massage, we first need an explanation of the prostate and its function. Everyone knows this term, but many men are not familiar with exactly what it means. Many products - mainly erotic products - are offered for prostate stimulation, but very few for prostate massage - there is a significant difference between the two.

If you already know enough about the prostate and are just looking for suitable articles for prostate massage, you will find them below in this guide.

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NOTE: For those who do no not need informations about Prostate massage but look for ideal tools, you can find here two special products. Both are certified as medical devices class A. with proven effectivity:  
FMS-Prostate massgers/Dilators for smooth and easy prostate massage
and Viball® Geisha balls for men (made of implant steel) for permanent and discrete prostate stimulation in all day life. 

Function of the prostate

The prostate is an organ about the size of a chestnut in the male pelvis. It lies below the bladder and on the pelvic floor. The urethra runs through the prostate. An earlier term for the prostate is "prostate gland". This term arose due to earlier surgical methods in which the prostate was operated on from the perineum and was therefore BEFORE the bladder.

It also provides information about the function of this organ: it is a gland. It produces the secretion which, together with the sperm produced in the testicles, forms the man's ejaculate. This characteristic and the location of the prostate near the bladder explains its important role in (sexual) pleasure, erection and urinary continence. The prostate is a very important glandular organ for men, and its diseases, especially urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, not only restrict the body but also have a negative impact on the psyche. They therefore have direct or indirect consequences for overall health and quality of life - and often that of the partner too.

Common diseases of the prostate

The most common diseases of the prostate are

  1. Benign prostate enlargement (prostatic hyperplasia)
  2. Prostatitis
  3. Prostate cancer

1. Benign prostate enlargement (prostatic hyperplasia)

At an advanced age, there is increased growth of the cells of the connective and glandular tissue. This change is thought to have a hormonal, physiological cause. At the age of 60, half of all men are said to be affected by an enlarged prostate, and by the age of 80, this figure rises to 100%. It is also assumed that factors such as familial disposition, obesity, alcohol and nicotine consumption, diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure have an exacerbating effect. Prostate enlargement primarily affects urination, which is often the reason for the initial suspicion.

The problems associated with prostate enlargement can include

  • Weak or interrupted urinary stream
  • Start delay
  • Dribbling - so-called urinary stuttering: the bladder cannot be emptied all at once, but only at several intervals in quick succession
  • Imperative urge to urinate: The urge to urinate is very strong and often painful when the muscles of the bladder tense up
  • Nocturnal urination or the strong urge to urinate at night
  • Urge incontinence

Treatment usually consists of an operation to widen the narrowed urethra and remove excess prostate tissue. Other methods include physiotherapy, laser therapy, brachytherapy and treatment with medication.

2. Prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate caused by bacteria or viruses. Like any inflammation, it causes pain in the lower abdomen and around the anus. The color of the seminal fluid is often yellowish and may also contain blood. The resulting adhesions can also make urination difficult. Treatment is primarily antibiotics, physiotherapy and gentle prostate massage. It may be necessary to dilate the constricted urethra under anesthesia.

3. Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. It is easily treatable if diagnosed early. The cause of its development is largely unknown, but it is assumed that inflammatory processes of the prostate and hormonal factors have a favorable effect. Diet also appears to play a role, particularly the consumption of fats (too much) and fiber (too little).

It is also certain that familial disposition and advanced age are decisive factors. The early stage of prostate cancer, in which the tumor is clearly defined and can be treated very well, is virtually symptom-free. In the advanced stage with metastasis formation, the mortality rate is very high. For this reason, screening from the age of 45 is of immense value. Treatment usually consists of surgical removal of the prostate and/or radiotherapy and/or hormone therapy. Side effects of the operation are often (temporary) urinary incontinence and permanent impotence.

Effects of the prostate massage

A prostate massage can be used for prevention, therapy and/or pleasure. It has been proven to be very effective for prostate problems or diseases such as prostatitis. Regular stimulation or massage of the prostate reduces the risk of disease as well as discomfort and symptoms. It is also an extremely effective preventative measure against prostate cancer. Participants in a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in 2016 who ejaculated at least 21 times a month and thus discharged prostate secretions were around 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who only ejaculated seven times a month.

It also has a strengthening effect on the penis, improves the ability to orgasm and can lead to a stronger erection. The pelvic floor muscles are reactively strengthened, urinary incontinence is improved and the urge to urinate at night is reduced. Naturally, the blood circulation in the body area is stimulated, which benefits the penis, calcium deposits in the blood vessels are reduced and enlargement of the organ can decrease.

All of this is noticeably beneficial and leads to a significantly better quality of life. This massage also has a healing effect on a psychological and emotional level. Old traumas caused by psychological injuries, operations or violence can be resolved through sensitive treatments. Unfortunately, a prostate massage is almost only offered in the erotic sector, a therapeutic form can only be found very occasionally. However, you can also perform a prostate massage yourself with suitable aids.

How does a prostate massage work?


A prostate massage is usually performed by another person who inserts one or, better still, two fingers into the man's anus and massages the prostate in a circular motion towards the abdominal wall. Stimulating the prostate itself with just the fingers is very tedious and not easy to do in the long term, as the wrist has to be twisted to achieve an efficient massage. This tension then also mentally hinders success. In addition, fingers are not good in terms of shape and surface; there are much more suitable and very smooth aids (see below).

"Milking" the prostate for health and well-being

In so-called "milking", the prostate is worked on with increased intensity over and above the actual massage with the aim of draining prostate secretions and seminal fluid. Either for sexual reasons, as role play or to increase the activity of the prostate, even without having sex or an orgasm / sexual intercourse. This also produces pleasure, but normally no real (full) orgasm occurs. This is why it is often referred to as a prostate orgasm. During sex, this practice is often practiced in top-bottom constellations.

Optimal aids for prostate massage

You can also perform a prostate massage yourself with the appropriate aids. Theros® FMS dilators have a special shape and extremely slippery material and are very suitable for a prostate massage for the following reasons:

Suitable tools for prostate massage

  1. The massage can be performed comfortably in a lying position without twisting the wrist
  2. In contrast to other aids made of silicone or plastic, FMS dilators are made of borosilicate glass, which has the smoothest surface available. The mucous membranes are therefore not irritated by massage movements, even during prolonged use
  3. The elliptical head is anatomically ideal for massaging
  4. The many sizes allow optimal adaptation to the individual rectal absorption capacity.

The size can be chosen individually, but should be between 24 and 40 mm so that the head of the dilator is large enough but the shaft puts as little strain as possible on the sphincter muscle.

Correct position, suitable furniture

With FMS dilators, you can massage your prostate in a lying position, even lying sideways on your stomach from behind.

The V-Stool multifunctional stool is ideal for a prostate massage in a seated position. The seated position offers more freedom of movement and the V-shaped opening of the stool allows you to sit without putting pressure on the genitals and testicles, as well as better access to the genitals and anus.

Performing the prostate massage


The first encounter and the first experience of a prostate massage requires an inner acceptance, a willingness to be touched in a new way. It is also possible that the first few times will take some getting used to and that you will not yet experience any (sexual) pleasure due to the strange feelings that are triggered.

You should therefore carefully touch and loosen your body before starting the actual prostate massage: First massage your thighs, stomach and lower back with your hands, then move on to your buttocks and "womb area".

V-Stool is also particularly suitable for this.

As well as for preparatory pelvic steaming, the "male" version of yoni or vaginal steaming: a steam bath for the lower abdomen. The heat relaxes the perineum and anus wonderfully.

The right design

The prostate is stimulated by an indirect and a direct part. It starts with the indirect part, i.e. the prostate is stimulated from the perineum using circular pressure.

Direct massage is performed on the prostate wall, whereby one or two fingers or an aid are inserted rectally with plenty of lubricant.

If you perform the massage yourself, you will need an aid such as an FMS dilator. If your partner performs the massage, you can combine therapy and eroticism in line with our philosophy. Unknown feelings of pleasure can arise through the "role reversal" and a full body relaxation at the end is usually the result. A prostate orgasm can occur with intensive use. In this way, healing, love and sex go hand in hand.

Additional effect: Prostate stimulation in everyday life

Viball Kegel or geisha balls for prostate massage

Additionally to prostate massages you can support your prostate health and activity enormously by stimulating the prostate in everyday life: Viball® are so called Ben Wa balls for men made of pure implant steel with unique properties for prostate activation and stimulation:

  • Completely inside the body, invisibly applicable in everyday life or during sports
  • Each Viball offers the world's most intense vibration compared to other vibrating Ben Wa balls
  • Available in sizes from 36 to 60 mm for prostate massage and pleasure
  • Very easy to use, antiallergenic and super hygienic
  • Viball® intensively strengthen your erection, even in acute situations during sexual intercourse
  • Certified medical device with clinically proven effectivity  and safety of use.

FMS-Dilators and Viball complement each other perfectly for a healthy prostate by massage and stimulation in everyday life or during sex and thus ensure a better quality of life and well-being. And they can all be used by both men and women, vaginally and rectally for you and your partner, while remaining hygienic and and durable. Visit us with your partner on Theros® and discover our products for sexual health and new life quality.

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