Hemorrhoids - treatment with FMS dilators and Viball

Hämorrhoiden - Behandlung mit FMS-Dilatoren und Viball

Here you can find out how you can treat your own haemorrhoids quickly and effectively with FMS dilators and Viball therapy balls made of implant steel. Both products are certified medical devices for rectal and vaginal use in women and men. They therefore meet the legally required proof of effectiveness and safety of use. Details on both product lines and their many other application options can be found below. In this guide, we describe the (combined) use of FMS dilators and Viball for hemorrhoids.

Ideal aids for repositioning: FMS dilators

Repositioning (pushing back the hemorrhoid) should be carried out with a cooled dilator. Due to the many sizes and optimal adjustment, it is not uncommon for FMS dilators to be successful the first time so that the application does not have to be repeated. For repositioning, you should choose a dilator that is as large as possible, as this gives the hemorrhoid in the rectum less room to move sideways. There is never just ONE optimal size, but the following factors have an influence on it:

  • The degree of your complaints: Complaint level 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • the current state of your symptoms: Inflamed or not?
  • your individual physique, physical characteristics
  • your sexual habits: Are you used to rectal intake?
  • your mental state: are you more relaxed or tense?

A dilator set is therefore ideal. You can then choose the optimal size (daily) within a set. You can also gradually increase the size with several dilators in succession to increase the repositioning effect. As a man, you can also use it to massage your prostate and do something for your manhood. We offer various standard sets at a special price, but you can also put together your own individual set with a discount of up to 20%.

Don't know which size(s) to choose? We'll give you tips on how to find the right size.

FMS dilators as heat sinks

The high-quality material and the extremely smooth surface of an FMS dilator provide a pleasant cooling effect even in its normal state. You can intensify the cooling effect by immersing it in cold water. For 3rd degree haemorrhoids or to relieve acute inflammation, you can also prepare FMS dilators as cooling elements: To do this, they are filled with kitchen paper or absorbent cotton and soaked in water. The water is reliably retained by the cellulose, even in an upright position nothing leaks out. The dilator prepared in this way is placed in the refrigerator for a few hours until it is completely cooled down, but the water should not be frozen. Applying cold causes the hemorrhoid to swell and significantly simplifies or supports repositioning. Make sure that the cooling is comfortable and does not hurt. If applied carefully, hypothermia cannot occur.

Due to the intake volume, the efficiency of an application as a heat sink increases with a larger diameter, below 20 mm it hardly makes sense.

Bedingt durch das Aufnahmevolumen steigt die Effizienz einer Anwendung als Kühlkörper mit größerem Durchmesser, unter 20 mm ist sie kaum sinnvoll.
FMS Dilatoren Set 1

Dilators set 1

FMS Dilatoren Set 2

Dilators set 2

FMS Dilatoren Set 3

Dilators set 3

Viball: The ball for everyday use

Viball medical love balls are medical products with proven effectiveness for vaginal and rectal use in women and men. They work according to the principle of a love ball, but their vibration intensity has been perfected and is unsurpassed worldwide. Also because they are not made of silicone like conventional love balls, but of polished implant steel. This anti-allergenic material is also ideal for rectal use due to its easy hygiene.

Viball love balls prevent the hemorrhoid from leaking (again) into the rectum. In addition, implant steel effectively prevents swelling or even inflammation thanks to its moderating effect on body temperature.

Viball is completely contained within the body and can therefore be used on the move, even outside the home. At the same time, the intense vibrations intensively stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and stimulate prostate function in men.

Simultaneous or alternating rectal and vaginal use as an excellent pelvic floor training device is possible without any problems thanks to the hygienic material.

Cold therapy with Viball

The type of cold therapy described above for FMS dilators is even possible with Viball in a deep-frozen state:

The solid inner ball can maintain the temperature for a very long time due to its good insulation, but it takes several hours (preferably overnight) for the inner ball to cool down completely. During insertion, the outer ball takes on body temperature, so that a moderate release of cooling occurs over a period of hours. This reduces the swelling of the hemorrhoids and prevents a rise in temperature, which is necessary for inflammation. Information and tips on this can be found in the instructions for use.

The intense vibration of a viball caused by movement plays no role in this cold therapy, but stimulates the pelvic floor muscles, continence and, in men, the prostate very intensively.

Recommended Viball sizes against hemorrhoids:

FMS Dilatoren Set 1

Viball 36 mm

FMS Dilatoren Set 2

Viball 36 mm (paar)

FMS Dilatoren Set 3

Viball 40 mm

Viball 40 mm (paar)

Follow-up treatment

Once the symptoms have subsided, regular massage with FMS dilators is an ideal follow-up treatment, as it strengthens the tissue and effectively prevents hemorrhoids from forming again. Viball therapy balls effectively prevent the regression of hemorrhoids through long-term use in everyday life. They also train the pelvic floor muscles and continence when used rectally. In men, they are also used to stimulate prostate function, potency and erection, see Viball therapy balls for men.

Viball and FMS dilators: All-rounders for therapy and eroticism

Viball therapy love balls have many therapeutic and erotic applications. There are six sizes from 36 to 60 mm and different weights. They are primarily used vaginally for women's pelvic floor training. Alternating anal and vaginal use by partners or several people is no problem hygienically due to the material. Viball can even be sterilized in all ways if necessary.

The erotic uses are extraordinary, for women and men: for your own stimulation during the day or together with your partner, even vaginally during intercourse as a solution to problems during sex.

FMS dilators are just as versatile: For the treatment of scars or injuries in the anal or vaginal area, for men for stimulation and massage of the prostate in case of potency or prostate problems, for erotic applications, e.g. for couples. Here you can find all the possible applications of FMS dilators.

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