Application for prostate massage with FMS dilators

FMS dilators for prostate massage offer the following advantages over other items made of silicone or plastic:

  • Unparalleled smooth surface of borosilicate glass allows even long applications without irritation of the mucous membranes
  • No pores, therefore very hygienic and easy to clean
  • Completely inert (unreactive in the body), resistant to discoloration and odour
  • Extremely sustainable because permanently hygienic
  • Suitable for many other applications, e.g. for haemorrhoids, anal fissures, vaginal problems and much more

A single dilator or a dilator set?

There is no universally valid statement on the correct size of a single dilator for prostate massage. However, very small dilators have too weak or even unpleasant a massage effect due to the small head, because the contact is made on too small an area. Our dilator sizes from 14 mm are not designed for prostate massage, but for other therapeutic applications.

For a prostate massage, the size should be at least 24 mm.

With a dilator above 24 mm, the effect is more intense, but also puts more strain on the anal sphincter. That's why you should try out what size you can actually take beforehand to avoid pain during insertion or over the duration of the massage. We give you tips on how to find the right size for you


With a dilator set, you can adjust and increase the size of your receptivity when you're ready. With a set of 24, 28, 32 and 36 mm, you're always on the right track: you get a 10% discount (from 4 dilators) and aVemal anti-allergenic lubricantfor free.


In general, you should take your time and be relaxed. Erotic stimulation is also very helpful. Warmth relaxes the sphincter muscle and is also good for the mind, so to increase the effect you can prepare a container of hot water in which you can warm the dilators from time to time. A baby food warmer is ideal because it keeps the set temperature constant. You can determine the right temperature by briefly holding the dilators against the inside of your thighs. FMS dilators from about 30 mm can also be kept at a constant temperature with a filling; you can find more information on this in the instructions for use. The following items are important in any case:

  • Despite the incomparable lubricity of FMS dilators, you absolutely need a high-quality lubricant such as Vemal(included with the purchase of dilator sets).
  • A towel to dry the dilators after the water bath and/or to clean your fingers after applying lubricant
  • .
  • A pad for the used dilators if you are using a set and increasing the sizes


The right position

You can perform the prostate massage lying on your side, pulling your front leg up and inserting the dilator from behind. However, this generally restricts your freedom of movement and you often have to leave the position when preheating dilators, applying gel, etc.

Optimal freedom of movement is provided by a seated position with open, bent legs. Our multifunctional stool V-Stool in the version with the longer legs is ideal because you can hold the dilator from the front or back or alternate between both hands. You can also sit on the stool in an inverted position: This position will cause your lower body to "sag" more, stretching your orifices.


Before use, apply some lubricant around the anal area, massaging the anal sphincter with your fingertips to relax it. Then spread some lubricant on the dilator (dried after the water bath) and dry your hands afterwards.

Now carefully insert the head of the (heated) dilator - no need to go any deeper at first - and relax for a while.

Types of massage

Then slowly insert the dilator deeper, but not in a straight direction, but at a slight angle towards the abdomen, i.e. towards the prostate, until you touch it. Touching the prostate will feel strange at first if you are not used to it.

By moving the dilator two to three centimetres backwards and forwards again, you create a kind of tapping massage or point massage of the prostate, primarily in its lower or front area, of course. You can do this very gently at first to gradually get used to it. Even this light massage stimulates the function of the prostate enormously

In the further course of the treatments, you can perform a massage of the outer areas of the prostate, i.e. massage it all around. This requires so-called tumbling movements with the dilator: You insert the dilator a little deeper so that the head is not in front of the prostate, but next to or slightly behind it. Now make circular movements with the end of the dilator so that the head of the dilator moves (in the opposite direction) around the prostate and massages the outer areas intensively. It takes some practice to perform this movement at the right depth, pressure and radius.

Increase the size?

If you feel you can use a larger dilator, you can increase the size - just as you please. A dilator with 36 mm produces more effect than one with 24 mm, the size should not exceed about 44 mm, because a dilator that is too large can no longer be optimally guided due to the increased mass of the surrounding tissue. Stretching does not play a role in a prostate massage


Frequency and duration of use

There is no one-size-fits-all instruction here either, because people are different, as are the time available and the degree of urgency or prostate symptoms.

As a general rule:

  • Any stimulation of prostate function, however brief, is better than nothing
  • More frequent short prostate massages are better than infrequent and long ones

You should therefore in any case use it regularly and ideally as often as possible. Introduce regular times instead of leaving it to chance. If you can, do it at least briefly in the morning and evening, otherwise a little longer once a day.

Discharge of prostate secretions

Discharge of prostate secretions can occur during prostate massage, usually without orgasm, but also with orgasm or varying degrees of sexual arousal. This is a normal phenomenon and does not necessarily depend on the intensity of the massage, but also on imagination and psyche and whether the prostate massage is performed by another person.

Prostate massage as sex play

A prostate massage can also be performed as a special form of penetration by a partner and is therefore a form of special affection. This sex game of penetration of a man by a woman (also known as pegging) often solves potency problems and erectile dysfunction because this experience (re)activates the female part of the man. This is because both poles (female and male) are required for a healthy flow of energy - the basic prerequisite for healthy potency. This law of nature is also symbolized in yin-yang. It applies to all things as well as to people, regardless of which gender they ultimately feel they predominantly belong to.

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