Frequently asked questions about Viball

The larger a Viball is, the higher its vibration intensity and stimulation, but a maximum-sized ball is not always the best choice. You can find out which ball sizes are suitable for which problems or applications under (Which ball size for which application). In this chapter, we will concentrate on determining your individual maximum size.

We are constantly receiving enquiries with information such as age, height, weight, stature, etc., which size is "the right one" or the maximum that a woman or man can take. But this size cannot be determined using biometric data. People are different, due to genetic predisposition, life path, births and, last but not least, sexual habits.

So instead of asking this question to others, ask yourself: Why do I know so little about myself and my body? Why am I perhaps even afraid to explore my genital area in more detail? If that is the case: start, smile, be playful, uninhibited, curious, like a child! Getting to know yourself, becoming aware of your uninhibited "self" again by breaking this taboo, is often the first step towards improving the problem.

Erotic toys can serve as a guide for determining your individual maximum size. But with a dildo, vibrator or phallus, the diameter refers to several centimeters in length - the diameter of a Viball love ball, however, only refers to its outermost vertex; directly in front of and behind it, the diameter of the ball drops off considerably. Therefore, the diameter of a Viball can be measured larger in comparison than a dildo, prostate vibrator or elongated (phallic) object.

The most accurate way to determine the right size is to use a ball shape. You can find wooden or Styrofoam balls in almost any size in craft stores or online, and solid rubber balls from toy or pet stores are also suitable, as long as they are not hollow or too soft. Other examples: a table tennis ball is 40 mm, a golf ball 42 - 45 mm. You can try all of these models in a condom. Of course you can try other balls, the only important thing is that all test objects are as hard as possible. Soft materials form a significant barrier because they compress in front of sphincter muscles and are therefore not suitable.

If you want to explore and open up yourself (and/or your partner) in a therapeutic-erotic way, Theros FMS dilators are the ideal tool for this. For men, the experience of the feminine principle and activation of the important second pole for the flow of energy often allows full masculinity to unfold and often solves potency problems. For women, the experience of male energy as a penetrator is challenging and exciting - and for both of you and your sex, this role reversal is an enormous sensual enrichment. You can find out more under " FMS dilators for couples."But if you still bought your first Viball a little too small, it is not worthless. Women can use it for active pelvic floor exercises or use the size for longer periods of wear at home, where it is not a problem if it slips out when sneezing, coughing or making violent movements. Many customers buy several sizes - for different therapeutic applications or as accessories during sex.

This overview is intended to make the various possible uses of Viball as a pelvic floor training device or love ball a little clearer. The following information is to be understood as a rough guide; considerable deviations are possible depending on the individual physique. The term "individual maximum size" refers to the largest ball that the respective person can insert vaginally or rectally without manipulation with medication and without pain. The correct individual maximum size is particularly important for long-term vaginal use. The correct maximum size triggers a short, clear stretching sensation when inserted. This signals that this size rests safely in the vagina above the vaginal entrance muscle WITHOUT muscle tension, without slipping out. It avoids cramps as a result of overstraining, which occurs when (often intuitively) holding smaller balls or cones for a long time and can lead to muscle hardening. This risk does not normally exist with anal / rectal use because the anal muscle is stronger and closes more tightly than the vaginal entrance. There is also no risk of overloading due to too much weight, which is why light models are usually not required for anal use. You can find tips on determining your individual maximum size under "How do I determine the maximum size I can insert?".

Applications for men, women, diverse


Recommended size: 36 - 40 mm

The right size should be very easy to insert and remove without straining. If even a VB36 is still too big, we strongly recommend using our FMS dilators in our sets up to 36 mm. After that, you can start using Viball, which of course also trains the pelvic floor (also via rectal application) and stimulates the prostate in men.

Accessory during sex or intercourse

Recommended size: all sizes

(Too) wide vagina or (too) small penis

Recommended size: Up to approx. 45 mm for vaginal use during sexual intercourse.

Applications especially for women

Healthy pelvic floor

Recommended size: Individual maximum size for long-term use

Recovery after birth

Recommended size: 36 – 40 mm for active pelvic floor training

Up to 45 mm for long-term use

Weakened pelvic floor / incontinence

36 – 45 mm during active training

individual maximum size for long-term use

Very weak pelvic floor / mature women

36 – 40 mm during active training

Individual maximum size for active training in horizontal positions. (These special exercises are part of our comprehensive pelvic floor exercises with Viball, which you will receive free by email when you purchase a Viball.)

Indiv. maximum size in light version for long-term use

Bladder prolapse

36 – 40 mm during active training

Individual maximum size during active training in horizontal positions

Indiv. maximum size in light version for long-term use

Prolapse of the uterus

36 – 40 mm during active training

Individual maximum size during active training in horizontal positions

Indiv. maximum size in light version for long-term use

Reinnervation of scars / numb areas

Individual maximum size (possibly in light version) for long-term use

Applications especially for men

Pelvic floor training / incontinence

Individual maximum size for long-term use

Prostate stimulation

Individual maximum size for long-term use

Erection enhancement during intercourse

Individual maximum size for long-term use

Premature ejaculation

From 45 mm (individual, tangible impulses are necessary to be able to concentrate on them)

For many reasons:

1. For retrieval loops or similar, a coating with softer material such as silicone is necessary, which significantly reduces the intensity of the stimulation. The priority of Viball love balls is to achieve the maximum possible efficiency. Implant steel conducts oscillations and vibrations into the body in an unsurpassable way, remains permanently hygienic, is completely free of toxins, extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2. The very smooth surface of Viball stimulates the muscles to feel the ball, to move it, to play with it, so to speak. This happens involuntarily and without your intervention. Viball gradually moves over different parts of the muscles instead of remaining in one place. This is an essential part of its effect. Any kind of external application or change in the shape of the ball prevents this therapeutic and also pleasant effect.
3. Any mix of materials is anatomically and hygienically questionable, especially when used rectally. The closed stainless steel ball is smoother, considerably more efficient and easier to clean and insert than plastics.

4. Viball is completely absorbed by the body, there is no bridge for bacteria to get into the inside of your vagina, which can cause vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections, etc. This makes Viball completely invisible to others, and you can use it wherever and whenever you want. Balls with chains are more commonly used in the BDSM/fetish area: The chains are either attached to protruding eyelets on the surface of the ball, which cause problems when inserting and removing, or they are attached with a screw that protrudes into the inside of the ball and makes it impossible for the inner ball to roll freely. Because of the thread, the outer balls have to be very thick-walled, which means the inner ball has less space and the effectiveness is reduced even further. In addition, this hole in the outer ball is a hygiene concern because the interior cannot be cleaned.

No, that is anatomically impossible: In the anal area there is no peristalsis (bowel movement) that pulls something inwards, as is often feared, but the direction of peristalsis naturally only goes outwards. Even if Viball were inserted so deeply into the intestine with aids that it could not be removed again on its own - which is completely impossible with "normal" insertion with fingers - it would reappear on its own after a while, at the latest during the next bowel movement. Because unlike elliptical or rod-like shapes such as dildos or other sex toys, a ball cannot lie across the body after insertion or block the sphincter, its dimensions always remain the same. And what goes in also comes out again. However, if sizes were only inserted with pre-stretching or with the help of a Theros FMS dilator set, the removal should also be prepared. Even with deep vaginal insertion or use during sexual intercourse, it is of course impossible for Viball to "disappear". If the position is very low and in contact with the uterus, it may take a little longer. In this case, you should relax and wait for a while rather than trying to force something. We have never heard of a case where medical help was needed for removal.

The safety of using Viball as a medical device for vaginal or rectal use is guaranteed in accordance with the safety requirements of the Medical Devices Act. The various uses of Viball and its removal from the vagina or anus are explained in detail in the enclosed instructions for use . The fear that objects will disappear in the body and can only be removed in the emergency room is completely unfounded when using Viball: a ball cannot get lost in the body, and this is also anatomically impossible in the rectum. Each Viball comes with an application cover that you can use to support the application if health problems or abnormalities make this necessary, such as bulging surgical scars, genetically caused strong folds in the vaginal wall, extreme organ prolapse or strong tension/spasms in the vaginal or rectal area. In order to recognize these problems and to ensure that the application is safe in any case, the first application should be carried out with this cover. If it becomes apparent that you have such a health problem, you can use the cover to support the application by pulling on it. In this case, you should generally use Viball with application sleeves, which we offer inexpensively in packs of 20 or 50.

In the following we limit ourselves to the topic of “vaginal use”.

Vaginal cones do not work through vibration, but only through weight. They are a type of "weight lifting", i.e. an active workout. As with efficient muscle training in the gym, a "set" (a number of repetitions) is always alternated with a short break, but after a few sets there should be a longer relaxation phase. However, these relaxation phases are often not possible due to the shape of cones, because they are too small for most women and slip out quickly when the pelvic floor is completely relaxed, meaning they do not allow for real relaxation. If cones remain in the body for too long, this often leads to intuitive, permanent tension or even muscle cramping. This can have a negative effect on biofeedback. No muscle can be optimally trained when it is constantly tense.

In contrast, the concept of Viball when used vaginally is based on being able to remain above the vaginal entrance (introitus) even during the relaxation phases without any voluntary tension of the pelvic floor or vaginal muscles. This requires your individual maximum size. We cannot determine this size for you based on biometric data; only you can do that (for tips, see above: "How do I find the maximum size...").
The right size for long-term use triggers a short but clear stretching sensation when the apex of the ball passes the narrowest point. To compensate for this, this size offers sufficient security when coughing, sneezing or in other "pressure situations" and creates a very high impulse for muscle tone. The vaginal introitus can also bear the relatively high weight of a Viball without overtaxing the pelvic floor.

With every movement, the impulses stimulate different muscle groups and areas in the pelvic floor, even below your perception threshold. They primarily stimulate so-called "fast twitch" (fine-nerved, fast-reacting) muscle fibers - an essential component of your anal sphincter muscles! - and thus quickly help against incontinence.

You can actively support the noticeable and erotically stimulating impulses with contractions, whereby the “slow-twitch” (slow-reacting but strong) muscle fibers are used to a large extent.

Fast Twitch and Slow Twitch are only rough classifications of a variety of different types of muscle fibers with different properties and functions.

You can therefore adjust the amount of passive (erotic) stimulation and active exercises to suit your current state of mind and increase the amount according to your individual abilities. Anytime, anywhere.

With its vibration properties, Viball not only covers the weight training mentioned above, but also the training effect of pelvic floor training aids based on the functional principle of love balls. Their impulse behavior is maximally perfected through the physically precise coordination of the components. Viball therefore combines all the mechanical functional principles of training devices for the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles.

First of all: simple hollow balls WITHOUT an inner ball and solid balls (i.e. without vibration) are now also offered as "love balls". But these balls have nothing to do with that. Because love balls in the original sense (or Ben Wa balls, Smartballs, pleasure balls, orgasm balls, vaginal balls and many more) all work more or less according to the same principle: a solid ball rolls in a hollow ball and thus generates vibrations when moved. Inserted vaginally or anally, these balls generate sexual pleasure, some more, some less, depending on the material and optimization of the components. And since pleasure is a wonderful way of training the pelvic floor due to the resulting contractions, the same rotation principle is also used for therapeutic purposes. Therapy and pleasure are therefore not different, but rather complement each other. The "ball in ball" principle is therefore not new. However, there are considerable differences in quality and calculation, as in other areas. Due to the stainless steel/implant steel material and the optimally coordinated ratios of the components, Viball love balls in each of the six sizes achieve an effect whose intensity is proven to be unbeatable. You can find out more about this in the Viball product descriptions for women or for men or under Special Features of Viball .

Put simply, biofeedback is intended to bring physical reactions that lie below the threshold of perception into consciousness, so that they can then be consciously weakened or strengthened according to their respective characteristics. This term has recently been used more frequently for pelvic floor training devices, but originally comes from TENS therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), where stimulating current via electrodes triggers (primary) muscle contractions.
In the area of ​​pelvic floor training with love balls, the biofeedback effect occurs primarily through the activation of the so-called fast-twitch muscle fibers (fast-responding muscle fibers that tend to perform contractions at a high frequency). When these are activated by vibrations, you can amplify a barely perceptible impulse by "joining in" other muscles in the pelvic floor area, e.g. the "slow-twitch" muscle fibers: These are not as sensitive, but are strong. With these, you can then carry out a muscle contraction, i.e. an active training movement - or several, if you like.
It is important that you relax after the active phase during a longer period of use, so Viball should be able to be completely "released" without slipping out of the vagina. This requires a size that causes a brief stretching sensation when inserted. This is why Viball is available in six sizes.
During the relaxation phases, you can allow the vibration impulses to have a passive and erotically stimulating effect.
For men: Bio-feedback is also possible with anal use, there are also corresponding "receptors" in the anal region, and the vibration also has a stimulating effect on the prostate.

Each Viball size has the most intense rotational energy, i.e. the maximum vibration strength that can be achieved in this size - more is not physically possible. In addition, the stainless steel of Viball love balls has significantly better vibration and resonance properties compared to silicone products.

But differences in the intensity of the different sizes are due to physical reasons: smaller balls naturally have a smaller inner ball with less weight, and therefore less rotational energy than larger ones. The efficiency increases from size to size not only linearly (evenly), but exponentially (increasing more and more), because on the one hand the weight of the respective inner ball increases and at the same time the interior offers proportionally more space for oscillation.

Two smaller balls (VB36-2 or VB40-2) usually have considerably more surface area than the next larger one, thus distributing the vibration over a larger body surface.

This means that although the pair of VB36-2 acts on a larger area than a single 40 mm Viball, it does not achieve the overall impulse strength (vibration intensity) per area.

Take Viball in your hand, feel the weight and movement of the inner ball. Now slowly swing the ball back and forth from your wrist: This realistically simulates the maximum movement that your lower body can perform in terms of range of motion and speed.

Fast hand movements or hectic shaking of the forearm are unrealistic, because you cannot perform such extreme and/or wide-ranging movements with your lower body, so the noise produced is not representative.

These slight movements create a vibrating noise or a slight clicking sound. The noise is naturally dampened in your body and is much quieter than when you test it in your hand. If you now change the position of the ball a few times horizontally and vertically, the noise also changes. This is because Viball is made up of two halves. During laser welding, a minimal ridge (bulge) is created inside, which influences the path of the inner ball: sometimes the ball rolls along the ridge, sometimes it crosses it and sometimes it even jumps slightly and causes knocking impulses.

Even when worn in the body, there is never a constant position: by hitting the ridge and through the movement of the muscles, the outer ball gradually rotates and changes its position. This also causes the stimulating impulses to vary, a very positive side effect, because the body adjusts to constant, constant stimulation after a while and the effect of the stimulation would diminish.

It is a law of nature that every dampening of a vibration simultaneously means a weakening of the impulse, regardless of whether it is a casing of the inner ball, the use of plastic instead of steel or an outer casing made of silicone or plastic. And that would mean that Viball would no longer be the ball with the strongest impulse in the world.

But the key question is: Why exactly should we do this?

For therapeutic use, maximum efficiency is the only thing that counts, and Viball meets this criterion 100 percent thanks to its sophisticated design. And with it, erotic efficiency too.

In addition, efficient use does not necessarily require wearing Viball at work or in public if someone has concerns: Long-term use could also be carried out at home or on occasions outside the home where such a minimal noise should not be a problem: walking, hiking,

If we were to change Viball to reduce noise, how far would that go? For which occasions, external or internal environments would it be "quiet enough" and when? These are all very subjective assessments, often shaped by our own projections: "Everyone knows what I know," which of course has no realistic basis. That's why we're not going to do that.

So decide for yourself when and where you want to wear Viball and don't let others decide. There are enough products full of such compromises, and therefore all of them have a much weaker effect than ours. Viball has a clear philosophy, and from this comes its own external aesthetic. Not for everybody, but for every body.

And quite a few customers even find a sound sensually appealing in certain situations, according to the motto "I know what you don't see..."

Yes, in addition to the pairs we offer, you can combine them as you wish. Many of our customers have different sizes and combinations of balls, some couples have complete sets of all Viball sizes. Another side effect: Larger balls in particular develop an additional resonance when in contact (with a smaller one). Some users prefer many small balls in a "cluster" or as an (anal) chain, the individual preferences and erotic possibilities are diverse.

Alternating vaginal or rectal use is also no problem, because Viball love balls are extremely hygienic and can be sterilized in any way thanks to the polished surface of implant steel.

However, when the balls come into contact with each other, friction can cause stripes on the surface because the balls rotate and move in the body. However, these stripes are only in the polish and cannot be felt, so they play no functional role. If necessary, our balls can be repolished by manufacturers of stainless steel jewelry.

We are often asked for even larger Viball models. From Hera's professional experience, we know that 60 mm makes therapeutic sense in many cases, but no more.

It is a misconception that a wide vaginal opening is a sign of weak pelvic floor muscles. On the contrary, women with strong sexual activity often have above-average pelvic floor muscles despite a very flexible vaginal entrance. Flexibility and stretchability do not necessarily mean weakness. If you do gymnastics and can do the splits after regular training, this does not mean that your inner adductors in your thighs are weaker. In fact, they are more flexible and therefore more powerful when they are trained at the same time. In a similar way, active sexuality also ensures natural health of the pelvic floor.

Regular extreme stretching WITHOUT the opposite pole of strengthening through muscle contraction (e.g. as part of an erotic passion, so-called "stretching addiction") is not harmless, however, because it literally "goes too far". The result can be a prolapse of the bladder or uterus or even a prolapse. Everything has its limits...

That's why we're sticking with a maximum of 60 mm. If you still want more, you can combine sizes.

For longer vaginal use, it should be ensured that Viball is held securely above the vaginal entrance without any tension. However, as these mostly large models are also correspondingly heavy, we recommend our large models VB50, VB55 and VB60 in light version, i.e. with significantly reduced weight, for particularly weak muscles.

If these balls do not hold or are pushed out by the uterus in the case of a prolapsed uterus, preparatory training is necessary. There are two options for this:

First, short-term, active exercises are carried out with smaller balls for a while until the vaginal entrance has strengthened and narrowed enough to bear the weight of a larger Viball. This preparatory training can take several weeks and also require intermediate steps in ball sizes.

An alternative to this is preparatory training with a large ball in the quadruped or knee-elbow position, ideally alternating with lying on your back with your pelvis slightly raised. This way the weight of the ball does not pull downwards and you can use the much higher vibration impulse of the larger ball.

In all four-legged positions, you should try to "pull the ball inwards", alternating with circular movements of the pelvis during rest periods. Due to the intensive contact with the G-spot and cervix, these exercises have a strong erotic effect - which only helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Of course, there is nothing to stop you combining the two training methods mentioned above with different ball sizes.

Despite its unbeatable efficiency, Viball cannot fulfill the expectation of being a mechanically based "permanent pleasure provider" with the intensity of a battery-operated vibrator. With smaller Viball models, the effect is more gently stimulating than directly arousing, but it is much more durable and can be used in everyday life than a battery-operated toy or prostate vibrator could. With the smaller sizes, Viball usually stimulates below the threshold of perception, but the corresponding parts demonstrably react to the impulses with increased blood flow and unconscious muscle activity. The larger the models and the more intense the movements, the more directly perceptible the impulses become and the more erotically intense the stimulation. Very long stimulations with large models with strong movements can trigger orgasms and in men lead to an emptying of the seminal vesicle without an orgasm.

In principle, men can use any size they can accommodate, and larger models are more efficient. However, as with vaginal use, it is impossible to determine the appropriate size based on biometric data such as age, height, build, etc.
It should also be possible for any man without anal experience to take a 36 mm size after a short preparation, provided there is no disease in the anal area or psychological causes.

In rare cases, the elasticity of the anal muscle is the cause of problems; human stools often have a larger diameter. But inside the body - that is, according to the female principle - the (unconscious) ego usually wants to prevent an opening, wants to hold on to the traditional male image, to religious conditioning, etc. Many men find it very difficult to overcome the hurdle of overcoming deep-seated patterns.

But "allowing instead of letting go" is an extraordinarily enriching experience of the female principle, of taking in, literally: of integrating. All people have both female and male parts, one cannot function without the other according to the fundamental law of polarity. When both principles are activated, potency problems often resolve unexpectedly - the "stream" of life flows again. And experiencing the other side within oneself broadens the horizon for many other fundamental connections in life. This physical manifestation of "opening up" or surrendering to the opening of the body through one's partner will also open up the psyche. This ancient hermetic principle "Below as above - above as below" is also used in yoga, Tai Chi and similar techniques. With the Theros FMS dilators you can venture into new territory in a self-experiment if the initial size of 36 mm should be problematic - also for intensive and proven healthy prostate massage. Or a woman could use dilators to gently "expand" the shared horizon of experience with her partner and at the same time explore the male principle within herself that is equally necessary for a holistic experience - an exciting and connecting enrichment of the shared erotic experience.

But be patient with yourself or with your partner, the journey is the destination. Then "allowing instead of letting go" will be an equally wonderful experience for both partners.

Viball is effective even with normal daily exercise. When exercising, the stimulation is of course much more intense. A distinction must be made between rectal/anal and vaginal use.

Vaginal use

The vaginal area is generally less muscular and has less support than the rectal area, so the movements should be as smooth and fluid as possible when used vaginally. This is what the term "low-impact sports" is for, such as walking, cycling, gymnastics, yoga, light jogging, in short: sports without jumping, with permanent contact with the ground. The exact opposite is trampoline jumping: you should avoid this (even without a ball) if you have weak pelvic floor muscles.

For runners: When you run fast, the inner ball no longer rolls, but bounces vertically. When it hits the ground, its weight increases many times over. This completely overwhelms weak pelvic floor muscles; when healthy, this tapping trains (and stimulates) intensively. Alternatively, you can wear a much smaller (and lighter) ball than usual, but the necessary tension will then set a time limit. Or you can take a large, light ball, for which we offer the light versions ( up to VB50L ).

Rectal application

Since the rectal area is generally more stable and muscular, precautions such as those required for vaginal use are not necessary. With intensive stimulation, only a digestive or laxative effect develops - as sometimes happens with the first applications - see below: What do I need to bear in mind when using it for the first time?

In men, the prostate reacts to heavy strain with a feeling similar to muscle soreness or like muscles after a very intense massage. However, this is not necessarily unpleasant and passes very quickly when the stimulation stops. There is no known harmful effect.

In general, there are no universally valid instructions. Your own feelings are always the best indicator of what is good or not so good for you. Feel inside yourself and learn to perceive and understand the signals from your body. Trust your gut feeling instead of looking for universal validity outside, because every body is unique - including yours.

You should not use Viball immediately when you are out of the house, because the body is initially irritated by the new "guest" and can react with an increased urge to urinate or defecate until your nervous system has realized that this unusual stimulation has nothing to do with it. Therefore, you should always use Viball rectally about 30 minutes after a bowel movement and only up to about 8 hours before the next bowel movement. This possible irritation at the beginning will subside after a few applications.

The extent to which Viball can be used for hemorrhoids and the size depends on the severity and acute state of the symptoms. It is not uncommon for grade 1 and 2 hemorrhoids in men to disappear "as a side effect" when using a Viball to activate the prostate, because the ball pushes the hemorrhoids back into the surrounding tissue and prevents them from coming out again when applied rectally. This effect is enhanced with a second ball of the same size. In addition, implant steel reduces swelling and prevents the body temperature from rising and thus inflammation.

In addition, Viball can effectively support the treatment of hemorrhoids using FMS dilators (link to treating hemorrhoids with Viball and FMS dilators).

Viball love balls can also be used as long-lasting cooling bodies for cryotherapy (cold therapy) for hemorrhoids. To do this, Viball love balls are cooled in the refrigerator or freezer for several hours. The air inside and the minimal contact surface with the outer ball insulate the inner ball, which is why it only takes on temperatures very slowly, but can then maintain them for a very long time. The outer ball has a balancing effect when releasing the temperature because it absorbs the body heat.

You can find out more details about this and how our FMS dilators help with hemorrhoids under Treating hemorrhoids yourself with FMS dilators and Viball .

Following the same principle as a cold element, you can use Viball to relieve pain, relax cramps or for erotic applications through intensive heating as a long-lasting heat body. Here too, the inner ball only takes on temperature very slowly due to the insulating layer of air and the minimal contact surface with the outer skin, but also maintains the temperature for a particularly long time.

For controlled warming, it is best to use a baby food warmer with an adjustable temperature. Depending on the size of the ball, this can take hours, but it is safe.

If you heat Viball in a pot of water, it will be quicker, but the difference to body temperature is extremely high and in extreme cases can lead to burns if the excessively high temperature of the inner ball is transferred to the body at certain points where it comes into contact with the outer shell.

After warming/heating, hold Viball in your hand for about 5 minutes and test the temperature on the sensitive skin in the application area. Only then should you insert the ball.

The inner ball now releases the heat in the application area and creates a pain-relieving effect, intense relaxation or even erotic stimulation. With larger balls, the effect is naturally more intense and longer lasting than with smaller ones due to their higher mass.

Note: Since the application described above allows considerable tolerances within the possible designs, we assume no liability for the information provided and use is at your own risk.