Special features of FMS dilators

Dilators of borsilicate smooth like fish in water


The term FMS means "Flexibilisation and Massage System". This term says a lot about the alternative approach in contrast to conventional dilators. We have learnt a lot from nature:

  • The new shape modelled on the fish (the slimmer side is at the back) prevents the compression effect of wedge-shaped dilators
  • When the elliptical head is moved back and forth, the gentle "waves" create a cramp-relieving massage effect
  • Borosilicate with its incomparably smooth surface glides smoothly like a fish in water and is permanently hygienic.

Due to their special design, FMS dilators are first and foremost one thing: Particularly gentle and careful.

But they also fulfil far more functions than conventional dilators:

  • Dilation (Dilatation) - but not primarily by simple spreading or stretching the tissue like conventional conical dilators, but by mobilisation in waves
  • Massage without irritating the mucous membranes to relieve spasms or to gently reinnervate and revitalise scarred, hardened or traumatised tissue after radiotherapy or birth injuries.
  • Treatment of haemorrhoids with optimal size adjustment to the individual physique and degree of severity.
  • Prostate massage / prostate stimulation - particularly efficient thanks to the excellent gliding properties, the shape of the heads and the precise guidance.
  • Cooling or heating elements (from approx. 30 mm diameter) in combination with the above-mentioned applications, e.g. stretching (flexibilization) with relaxing heat or treatment of hemorrhoids with decongestant cooling.

Philosophy and development of the FMS dilators

The development of theFMS dilators was based on the analysis of obvious weaknesses of commercially available conical dilators made of silicone and their improvement. A particular focus was placed on the gentlest possible application in line with our philosophy: quality without compromise.

These quality features explain the exceptional effectiveness of our glass dilators, which is confirmed in practice and in the reviews of many users.

Thanks to the special shape (effective area at the front of the head), affected regions inside the body can also be targeted, e.g. for prostate massage or vaginal tears, without having to insert the dilator all the way in. The slim shaft avoids excessive strain on the vaginal entrance or anal sphincter. The extremely smooth surface prevents irritation of the mucous membrane when massaging the vagina for loosening or stimulation or when massaging the prostate for a healthy prostate, potency and erection.Haemorrhoids often disappear after the first application when repositioned with simultaneous cooling.

Application areas

Vaginal applications:

  • Vaginismus
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • Pre-birth preparation / perineal massage
  • Birth or surgical injuries
  • Pain during vaginal penetration, also during menopause

Rectal applications:

Special properties of the FMS dilators

  1. New shape for easier insertion
  2. Smoothest of all surfaces according to ISO 25178
  3. World's largest range with 27 sizes
  4. Extended range of applications
  5. Equal length for all dilators
  6. Effective in both directions
  7. Sustainable temperature control
  8. 100% hygienic, biocompatible and sustainable
  9. Certified medical device
  10. .

1. New shape for gentle insertion

The conical shape of conventional dilatorscreates a compression of the tissue during insertion, which increases significantly with increasing insertion depth: The vaginal entrance (or the anal sphincter) evades this pressure towards the inside of the body, cramps as a result and can only be overcome in the end by applying considerable pressure. The pain caused by the "thick end" can even have a re-traumatizing effect.

This is why we have completely changed the shape: The effective area of glass dilators is not at the end, but at the front. And we have chosen the ellipse as the head shape. This shape can be found wherever adaptation is required in nature: it glides smoothly into the body because the tissue can "flow" backwards over the taper instead of compressing. And on the slim shaft, the fabric can move in both directions without pressure, everything is "in flow".

When moving the dilator back and forth, the ellipse creates a gently pulsating wave movement in the application area, like a massage. Seven different silhouettes provide variable stimulation when using several dilators in a set. The result: maximum effect with maximum gentleness


2. Smoothest of all surfaces according to ISO 25178

Materials such as silicone or plastic have poor gliding properties due to their surface structure and are therefore also hygienically problematic. FMS dilators are made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass without seams, an extremely stable material with the smoothest surface of all materials. This also enables applications in extremely sensitive or traumatized areas of the body without irritating the mucous membranes, e.g. for inflamed haemorrhoids or after operations, longer massages to increase flexibility, prostate massages etc.

3. 27 sizes for individual customization

The range of commercially available dilator sets with a maximum of 10 sizes is completely inadequate for the most diverse physiques of users, many types of complaints and their degrees of severity.

That's why we offer 27 sizes of dilators in 1-2 mm increments, several standard sets and customizable sets for vaginal or rectal applications - the world's largest range of dilators. Here you will find the optimal sizes to match your body and your health problem, the degree of your discomfort (e.g. haemoorhoids grade 1 to 4) and also for erotic stimulation / self-experience.

Here we give you tips on how to determine the right size or set for your application.

4. Extended range of application

Because the diameter of a conventional dilator is largest at the end, the effect is concentrated on the vaginal entrance or anal sphincter. Targeted treatment of internal areas is therefore not possible, and the pointed shape is not ideal for this either. We wanted to change that:

The effective area of our FMS dilators is at the front of the elliptical head. This has two advantages: Firstly, the effectiveness is not dependent on the insertion depth as with the conical shape. Secondly, problem areas inside can also be treated in a targeted manner without putting excessive strain on the vaginal or anal entrance muscle. The gentle head shape allows for gentle, extensive stimulation or massage (of the prostate).

5. Equal length for all dilators

Silicone dilators with a smaller diameter are generally shorter in commercially available sets because the normal length cannot be (re)inserted due to the lack of stability of silicone.

FMS dilators are firm and therefore allow targeted and secure guidance even with small diameters and can therefore all be the same length. This is important because careful preparation should be carried out over the entire length, especially at the beginning of the application, so as not to limit the effect of the application.

6. Effective in both directions

FMS dilators are not only effective during insertion, but especially when alternating between insertion and removal from the body. By "holding" the head of the dilator, you can intensively train your entire pelvic floor, vaginal muscles and sphincter muscles. The extremely smooth glass dilators allow you to gradually increase the back and forth movement without irritating the mucous membranes to such an extent that it simulates the movement of the penis in your vagina during sexual intercourse. In this way, you can gradually get used to vaginal penetration (again) in a gentle and self-determined way, whether you have vaginismus or have abstained from sex for a long time. The advantages of the natural shape of FMS dilators, which simulate the penis and glans, are also evident here.

7. Sustainable temperature control

FMS dilators from a size of 30 mm offer a sufficiently large cavity in the glass to sustainably warm and cool them with water-soaked cellulose. Relaxing heat is an extremely effective support for stretching, massages or as an erotic stimulant. Cold has a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect and should be used in the treatment of (inflamed) haemorrhoids. For more information, seevaginalorrectalapplications.

8. 100% hygienic, biocompatible and sustainable

Borosilicate glass is not only extremely stable and smoother than any other material, but unlike silicone, it is absolutely odor and discoloration resistant, completely inert and biocompatible. The non-porous surface is easy to clean and even meets clinical hygiene requirements with easy cleaning. Unlike silicone, borosilicate glass is also completely environmentally neutral and sustainable.

9. Certified medical device

As a certified Class 1 medical device, the effectiveness of our dilators is proven and their safety of use is guaranteed by CE certification.

Fascination borosilicate glass

Glass dilators for women and men



Borsilicate glass is a fascinating material: it is designed for the toughest technical requirements, is incredibly stable, withstands the most extreme temperature shocks and is absolutely resistant to acids and alkalis. FMS glass dilators therefore go far beyond the safety requirements of the Medical Devices Act. Specifications, safety certificates and breakage tests are available in theDownload section.

At the same time, borosilicate glass has fascinating optical properties in the refraction of light that awaken the senses, which is why the material is often used for art objects.

FMS dilators - made by hand

Each FMS dilator is mouth-blown, manufactured and tested in many steps. FMS dilators are therefore unique and combine the aesthetic value of craftsmanship with maximum efficiency in use.