About our reviews

There have been a number of reports in the public media about dubious practices in relation to customer reviews by large review platforms and major companies, including with the help of special "review agencies" through bogus purchases from paid "customers", targeted negative reviews of competitors, etc. We do not use these platforms for this reason either.

We hereby expressly assure you that all our ratings and reviews originate from real customers. A rating or review is only possible for a purchased item. We also assure you that we are not only showing a positive excerpt here, but all reviews, so the result is not embellished, but real. Of course, all reviews are also unchanged in their overall message and with regard to critical details.

If there is a somewhat "uniform" or polished expression in the reviews, it is because we make a few changes with regard to the following points:
- Correction of linguistic problems or spelling for better comprehensibility
- Correction of spelling problems for better comprehensibility.
- Removal of superfluous erotic descriptions that are not relevant
- Factual shortening of excessively long reports without distorting the overall message
- Removal of information on the identity of persons.

We welcome any constructive, factual criticism of our products. We are proud and happy that the quality of our products and the empathy of our work are so well received in these reviews and that we can obviously help so many people with them.