Theros® Vagina Stents

Areas of application

  • For side effects / after-effects of radiotherapy in the pelvic area
  • After gender reassignment surgery (neo-vagina)
  • After birth injuries (vaginal tear / perineal tear)
  • For vaginismus
  • For vaginal stenosis

Vaginal stents with a segment provide better support in the vagina, especially for smaller sizes.

Vaginal stents without a segment are easier to insert and are more suitable for severely traumatized tissue or cramps / vaginismus etc.

All vaginal stents have an opening at the top and bottom to drain secretions.

Special properties

Theros® vagina stents are made of extremely break-resistant borosilicate glass and are individually handmade (mouth-blown).

In contrast to conventional glass, borosilicate glass is extremely stable (see breakage test in the download area) and has the following special properties:

  • 100% and permanently free of harmful substances

In contrast to silicone, borosilicate glass is completely inert, i.e. resistant to the body's own acids and bases, which release harmful substances in plastics, even if it remains in the body permanently. This is impossible with Theros® vaginal stents, which are and remain completely free of harmful substances.

  • Extremely smooth and gentle

Borosilicate glass has the smoothest surface of all according to ISO 25178, which is why tissue does not adhere to it even after prolonged use. Irritation of the mucous membranes due to friction during movement is also effectively prevented by the extreme gliding properties.

  • Top hygienic and easy to clean

Borosilicate glass has no pores that absorb bacteria and is completely resistant to discoloration or odor. Disinfection for personal use is therefore unnecessary.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Theros® vaginal stents can be used virtually indefinitely and do not need to be replaced for hygienic reasons as is the case with plastic products. Avoiding plastic waste protects the environment.


Theros® vagina stents are available in sizes 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 and 40 mm. All stents have a length of 80 mm.